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Update on Kidman’s New Job with WWE, NXT News, Randy Orton, Fast Five

– Fast Five with The Rock will hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray October 4th.

– Randy Orton will be appearing at the Slackers CD’s and Games at St. Louis Mills in St. Louis, Missouri today at 5pm.

– Stan sent word that this past Tuesday’s WWE NXT had 23 minutes and 58 seconds of in-ring action.

– In part 2 of his “Where Are They Now?” feature on WWE’s website, it’s revealed that former Cruiserweight Champion and FCW trainer Billy Kidman is now working as a TV producer for WWE.

Kidman took over the duties held by Hall of Famer Jerry Brisco, working with the director and producers of RAW and SmackDown to make sure that matches and segments fit into their allotted time slots.

  • TheStinger

    @WWE insider, FYI I did check their site first and then I saw this and started thinking that it wouldnt kill Wrestling-Edge to evolve a little bit, sheesh, it has been the same since 2000!..And you,I suggest u mind your own business punk and put your nose up yours where the sun dont shine and I dont mean London..!

  • Truthiness

    Kidman has been a producer for a long time, this isn’t news. Cena even mentioned him once in a promo that was going long when he said Kidman was gonna be angry with him.

  • wwe insider

    @TheStinger – why don’t you just check out to get the Kidman story where it was profiled and stop being a lazy piece of shit? Just a suggestion.

  • TheStinger

    Man come on, make this news sheet better, at least some photos of billy kidman or sumtin! We all know is like the” WWE” on wrestling news and you guys ” TNA” and I like to cheer on the underdog, so do sumtin better as you are nr 2 right now..