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Update on King Mo Debuting for TNA, Possible Change for Douglas Williams, Earl Hebner

– TNA referee Earl Hebner recently re-signed with TNA through 2013. He wrote on Twitter:

“I signed with TNA for 2013! This is home for me when I leave, my ref shirt, & boots will b hanging on TNA ring ropes.”

– TNA has been talking about using Douglas Williams in the role of an agent or a trainer at OVW. He hasn’t been used much lately and they don’t have any storylines for him.

– TNA will be creating a custom throne for MMA star King Mo to use for his ring entrances. Mo is looking to start training at OVW in two months. TNA reportedly wants him on TV in November and his deal would see him working one set of Impact tapings each month during the Bellator MMA season.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Killa

    chris is an idiot aqnd dont kno a damn thing hes talkin bout

  • Chris

    How can WWE win Prince? They stole and broke at least 6 fed trade acts. Bell inc was shut down for doing the same thing back in 1987 and lost over 125 million in the process. You better pray that the same does not happen to WWE. It would serve them right though

  • Prince albert

    TNA sueing WWE for having more money, its just another way to show the world how pathetic they are, instead of earning their money they was to beg for it.

    Pathetic once again. WWE will piss all over TNA in the suit anyway, bet your wife and kids on it, EAT MY SHIT TNA MARKS.

  • Chris

    WWE has no legal ground to sue fuck all. WWE broke the law and now they must suffer…

  • adam

    @J-J of course no one can call out tna on there short comings because then your considered a wwe mark even if you watch tna as well. It is sad that some wrestlers like ziggler in wwe and williams in tna dont get used the right way. BUt if this lawsuit have been hearing about between wwe and tna goes threw there might not be a tna any more. Since tna wants to sew wwe for what there saying is poaching talent. But wwe can counter sew them on that one easly if they wanted.

  • Whooper

    Where the hell else are you going to go Earl Hebner?

  • J-J

    @SYM if this was a story about WWE not having anything for Regal or Ziggler then I dare say Dave’s comment would’ve been the same. People should be allowed to call TNA out on their shortcomings (of which there are many)without being called haters…

  • SYM

    @Dave oh yeah & WWE has Many Storylines for their Great Talents aswell -_-

  • Dave

    Says a lot that they can’t find a storyline for one of their most talented stars.