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Update on Lawler’s Condition, What Happened After RAW, More

– After RAW went off the air, John Cena and Bret Hart hung around ringside for around 10 minutes with the fans. One sports journalist who was at ringside asked Hart about Jerry Lawler’s condition and Hart told him that Lawler was in really bad shape.

– Jerry Lawler’s heart attack at RAW last night has been picked up by several mainstream media outlets including FOX, CNN, the Associated Press and others.

– The mood backstage at RAW last night was a very tense one. When the scare with Jerry Lawler first happened, nobody was paying attention to the show and a lot of the crew were in groups praying.

More than one source is reporting that EMT’s backstage saved Lawler’s life. That gives you an idea of how serious Lawler’s condition was. People were talking about how it’s a good thing Lawler had the scare at a WWE event where proper medical staff were able to treat him and save his life. Lawler just returned from an independent wrestling tour of Aruba where things could have been different.

At last word, Lawler was listed in stable condition at the cardiac ICU of a local Montreal hospital. A fan in attendance at RAW noted that there are several hospitals within 15 minutes of the arena.

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  • sam

    what amazes me is people are disliking comments that are to do with lawler getting better. those that are disliking your sick twisted people

  • mtlhitman

    Its true we have two or three hospital around our bell center arena and about 15 or 16 hospital in the city.That was a weird Raw but the hazard is as real as what happen last night.

  • sjean

    get well soon punk find some one elas to pick on.

  • mark

    Shit I cant believe it , Just worked a nite shift and woke up to find this. I have recorded raw. Cmon Jerry!!!

  • luckysalt

    I was thinking the same thing, had he been driving home from the event or at home alone, he would have probably died, hope he has a long period off and gets better. Much respect for The King

  • sam

    i hope jerry pulls through this and recovers as quickly as possible