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Update On Lethal’s Departure, Abyss Undergoing Dental Surgery

— Multiple sources have confirmed that Jay Lethal has parted ways with TNA Wrestling. His profile was removed from the company’s website Wednesday night.

In a new bit of information, many within TNA are saying that organization officials opted to release the former X Division Champion.

— Abyss will be undergoing dental surgery to repair the bottom row of his teeth, which were badly damaged during a misplaced springboard kick from Rob Van Dam at Tuesday’s iMPACT! taping

Abyss received a lot of praise within the company for working Wednesday’s taping despite being in severe pain.

— Brother Devon, Eric Young, Orlando Jordan and Tommy Dreamer vs. Douglas Williams, Magnus, Murphy and Rob Terry was taped for the May 3 episode of TNA Xplosion on Challenge TV last night in Orlando, Florida.


  • CC

    “Abyss received a lot of praise within the company for working Wednesday’s taping despite being in severe pain.”
    I’m not trying to say that getting your teeth knocked out isnt painful, but he isnt the first wrestler to continue working after getting teeth knocked out (Jericho being the most recent one I can think of) and he wont be the last. Now when guys like Bob Holly finished a match with a broken arm or HHH with a torn quad muscle, thats when you start giving praise.

  • cheesehandler

    @scooter…i bet this is the “major storyline twist” they’re talking about….doug joining immortal

  • shawn

    @Steve great idea there, its believable. if course he doesnt need that training, but the exposure would do him a favor. then they can add him to the “serious wrestler” category in the roster along with brian danielson.

  • ##

    This does’nt surprise me. Just goes to show you that TNA is garbage.

  • Steve

    I have a strange feeling Jay Lethal will be on Tough Enough season 2. You don’t think WWE would do that? Prepare for disbelief.

  • Mr. Anderson

    I lke jay lethal also but lets be honest he wasnt being used. I loved the angle he did with flair but its business sometimes business sucks

  • U ain’t awesome

    Damn, Jay lethal is gonna job in the wwe pretty soon. Looks like he aint old enough 2 be in tna.

  • so doug who was determined to take down immortal is now alligned with them *sigh*

  • TomC

    Well, this certainly sucks . . . BAD MOVE, TNA … BAD MOVE.