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Update on Matt Morgan Going Back to WWE

Matt Morgan has finished up his TNA commitments with this weekend’s house shows.

Morgan grabbed a sign from a fan at ringside that read, “Going, Going, Gone” and held it up to the crowd at last night’s house show.

Today on Twitter Morgan wrote that he was in Connecticut, where he is originally from. With the WWE pay-per-view just a short distance away in New Jersey, that’s going to get people wondering.

There was WWE interest in Morgan, although whether the two sides have come to terms remains to be seen.


  • King

    Welcome Back Home to WWE Matt…Bye Bye TNGay…..matt is better than that shithole

  • SYM

    WTF will WWE have Matt Morgan do? Lose to John Cena? Lose to Sheamus? Or just get Jobbed on NXT -_- FUCK OUTTA HERE.

  • King Albert

    Eat Shit TNA faggots. losing everyone, can’t wait for Roode to sign with WWE.

  • sdd619

    I think he may come in & be “humbled” for a little while. They did it to Christian & Gail Kim. Remember Vince Didn’t want Christian yo win a World Title in WWE

  • voice of reason

    if matt comes back i hope they push the guy & not let him linger in the background & then fade into obscurity, then the next thing we’ll hear is “the wwe would like to wish matt best of luck in his future endeavors” i hope that doesnt happen.

  • cheesehandler

    I see him.being signed due to raw going to three hours. Things may finally start getting interesting.

  • scooter

    Morgan should have been a top face in TNA getting over in a simmilar way to Cena through his real life charity work.

  • ant

    have him be a face and feud with the big show so its big man vs big man

  • Bill

    Bring back Team Lesnar! They want to rebrand Tensai(most likely as A-Train), Big Show is a heel again, Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar returned, & it seems like Matt Morgan will return too. They could really spice up a PPV like Survivor Series with a new stable for the traditional tag match.

  • Mordecai

    If he comes back to WWE I kind of hope they don’t stick him with the stuttering gimmick again…

  • Jeff

    I was able to talk to MM after a TNA house show for a long time at an Ihop. He’s a truly nice guy.

  • Soulja17

    I know its been his life long goal to be world champion, but I dont see him doing more in wwe except jobbing to Cena. I just hope they dont make him change his name, he is the “blue print”!

  • Scratches Head

    I liked when Morgan was a heel in TNA after he turned on Hernandez and kept referring to himself as “we”.

  • poko

    His body-type and pace fit better with the WWE, to be honest.

    I hope he won’t just be fodder for the Cena machine, though, then buried for years.

  • Drew

    Would be good have him just gone.

  • mark

    Would be good to have him back in WWE even to freshen things up