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Further Update on McIntyre from RAW, Post-MITB RAW Match Advertised, Tough Enough

– John Cena, Big Show and Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz, R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio is being advertised for next week’s WWE RAW from Green Bay, Wisconsin. CM Punk is not being advertised for the show.

– Bill DeMott told a fan on Twitter that there will be a second season of WWE Tough Enough and “if and when there is another season”, the cast will be Steve Austin, Trish Stratus, Booker T and himself.

– In an update on Drew McIntyre from RAW, he was not supposed to hit the floor like he did on Monday’s RAW. McIntyre was supposed to stay on the stage, not fall off when Mark Henry crashed into he and Big Show. McIntyre ended up smacking his head on the concrete but as noted before, was okay.

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  • CiB

    To be fair Venom (And I wish Cena would just get off my TV as much as anyone), Cena wouldn’t jump up, aggressively point at the floor, and then make it do the job.

  • Soldier

    Cena might lose to punk and then the MITB winner cashs in and beats punk. Dont forget VKM Said if Punk leaves with the title then cena will be fired.

  • venom

    If Cena ,and Hogan fell off the stage and smacked their head into the concrete, they would no sell that.

  • Emerson

    you can never trust prereported appearances and matches because they’re usually put up months before an event.

  • Matt

    I wouldn’t pay attention to ads for matches, they’re often wrong.

    on the subject he probably will win, since when does Roid-Man (trademark pending) lose a match like that? 😛


    if cena is in the match on monday that means he wins on sunday

  • Matt

    bit hard for him not to land how he did when mcintyre was in the air mid chokeslam.