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Update on Miz & R-Truth’s Releases, Dana White Reacts to HHH’s UFC Comments

– On Monday’s RAW, we saw WWE COO Triple H fire both The Miz and R-Truth, whose [storyline] releases were later announced on the WWE website. The Miz wrote on Twitter this afternoon that he and R-Truth will address WWE firing them on Miz’s Sirius radio show “1st and Awesome.” The show airs tonight on Sirius 210, XM 87 from 5-6pm CT.

– UFC held a press conference this afternoon to promote Saturday’s UFC 135 pay-per-view. During the media event, Triple H’s recent comments were brought up, where Triple H said that UFC needs to adapt to keep pace with WWE. After UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones called HHH’s comments, “ridiculous,” UFC president Dana White then chimed in. While said that Vince McMahon is finally letting Triple H talk, and once he gets some more experience in his new role , Triple H “will learn soon not to say stupid things.”

  • JIR

    Look folks like it or not Dana White is right and if Wrestling doesn’t shape up UFC will completely over take them MMA is a real sport after all not that wrestlers aren’t athletes but MMA is a lot more exciting than Super Cena and Iron Orton winning again & again



  • chris

    i have a great feeling that vince is gonna do some creative member firing and fire alot of superstars for instance del rio

  • Ho Lee Schitt


  • venom


    I see what you are saying but WWE has been around for a really long time and don’t see it dying. It’s not as popular but they still make a ton of cash. Now TNA, I can see dying. UFC is good too, but I hate when a good hyped fight ends in 10 seconds.

  • donners

    the ufc can’t put the same type of ‘entertainment’ into their shows, but they let the fighters trash talk and hype fights pretty much however they want – there’s no code of honour in the ufc which says fighters have to respect eachother, if you don’t like someone, you’re free to say it. this is about as close to ‘entertainment’ as the ufc gets – their product is 1-on-1 combat, and that’s where they flourish or die.

    the sooner the wwe realise that what people can’t get in their (or tna’s) rings, they can get in a ufc octagon, the better. the realism of a ufc fight is most definitely having an effect on the wwe’s ‘pretend physicality’ broadcasts, to the point where wwe have started to try and add the ‘shoot’ element back into their shows.

    boxing’s been around forever and floyd mayweather steps into a ring once in about 16 months and gets buyrates the wwe can only dream about. there’s only so much corny pretend stuff you can force-feed people before they look for an alternative.

    wwe influencing ufc’s style of presentation and need to evolve? i think it’s clearly the other way round.

  • MJ

    HHH is the last person who can say anything about UFC or anything because hhh will do anything and i mean ANYTHING! His family says! I got 2 words for yeah KATIE VICK! the fact that his wife wrote the storyline and he went along with it is beyound me.

  • Raziel

    They are very successfel, but they have constantly changed themselves, if you look at the 90’s UFC and now its completely different. And even now they are adding newer weight classes in order to keep people interested as the other weight rebuilds themselves

  • voice of reason

    i havent watched ufc but if they’re doing well then why change it like i always say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but personally i think hhh should get some experience as to what ufc is what i mean is in ring experience then he will be qualified to comment on the subject

  • Freakzilla

    HHH knows two things and two things only. How to wrestle and anything to do with sports entertainment. Anything else, he’s clueless.

  • erik

    yeah unlike wwe which is scripted winner pick before hand. ufc is real no writers no winner plan no fake crap. ufc is real! fan since 2004 when forest won season1 ultimate fighter.

  • Zach

    ^ Clearly missed the point in Trips’ comments.

  • BigBossman

    Lmao!!! WWE has been on the downswing for the past 6+ years or so, dying a slow death.On the other hand UFC has consistantly grew in overwhelming leaps and bounds and is the fastest growing sport in the last 10 years.I guess HHH is as delusional as his Daddy in law!I am guessing Wrestling will be mostly dead in another 10 years and MMA will still be the bar that everyone compares themselves too.I love both but wrestling is a horse with a broken leg.The Truth hurts!