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Update on Al Sharpton Hosting RAW, Possible Replacement for WWE’s Hardy DVD

– As of this past Friday, production work was still being done on WWE’s Jeff Hardy DVD set. If WWE decides to pull the DVD, like originally thought, the most likely replacement will be a Chris Jericho compilation DVD set.

– As noted before, Al Sharpton is expected to be hosting the September 28th RAW. According to IGN, Sharpton will promote his “Achievement Gap” tour, which features notable political figures speaking about the “achievement gap” affecting US public schools.

  • DJ

    Well the RAW show has been going down hill since the guest host anyway, and now they want me to sit though two hours hosted by one of the biggest racists ever. No thanks, its time to walk away.

  • Rawr

    Vince doesn’t know any better? He’s been doing this for 40 years. You think that WWE doesn’t read sites like these? Of course they do! And they try to go against it to discredit these sites, which only fuels them to get more accurate details.

    This site is a complete rip-off of other sites anyway, always several hours or days late with the same exact text, too.

  • mjd

    duke is a biggot. no one cares about his racist comments. on the other hand….no one likes al sharpton.

  • cmon

    cmon dont say the n word, i agree Raw needs a GM, but Vince doesnt know any better. give him time, and plz dont be racist,..ok?

  • Russ

    vince plz end the guest host stuff already…Raw needs a damn GM…