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– Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, put over WWE developmental and second generation talent Bo Rotundo on his Twitter with the following: “Bo Rotundo is someone to keep an eye on. Amazing talent.”

– Goldust is reaching out to other WWE stars to help get his dad Dusty Rhodes signed up on Twitter. If 100,000 fans sign a Twitition that has been created, Dusty will join the site. The Twitition is at http://twitition.com/bj7r6.

– CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE United States Title is booked for RAW live events in February.

– In case you missed SmackDown or haven’t heard yet, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Ezekiel Jackson joined forces with Wade Barrett to form a new Nexus faction on SmackDown. Neither Gabriel or Slater have been added to the SmackDown roster yet but Barrett has.

  • http://www.hotmail.com Richard

    I hope WWE doesn’t make CM Sucks wrestle for the U.S. tile because they’re way too late for that. CM Punk is now at the top level where he should be. If they do that, then I stand correct about WWE not knowing how to use their stars nowadays. CM Punk is an amazing talent. They need to keep the attention on him. I enjoyed his match with John Cena this past Monday, and I think it was Pay-Per-View worthy.

  • shawn

    yeah like i called it, punk droppin the announce gig and “taking over”. he should win the “war…” i think.

  • CM Mark

    I hope Punk doesn’t get stuck with the “jobber” title. I admit I would like to see them fued. But if Punk wins the belt I hope he turns it into the SES title or something like that. Punk in the US title hunt is quite frankly beneath him.

  • JAck45

    @ Big Papa, then u have no faith :)

    Cant wait to see what happens with this SD nexus group! and hopefully a nexus v nexus at the next bragging rights would be cool also

  • Big Papa

    Seeing how the top twitition of all time only has 16,104 signatures I kind of doubt this one will ever get 100,000.

  • Zach

    I loved seeing this new group. Seeing all these new groups is refreshing.

  • Ashlee schaffer bmw

    Who be bringin a bicycle here in this arena? He got a bicycle!!!!!

  • Yaya

    @Vincent, nope, you’re an idiot

  • xcxvx

    @Vincent, dude shut up.

  • Jur

    He’s got a Bicycle!

  • Kim

    Dusty Rhodes on twitter? Now that would be interesting to read.

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