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Update On Booker T, Releasing an Autobiography

– Booker T will be releasing his own autobiography after signing a deal with Medallion Press. It is titled “From Prison to Promise” with the press release stating that the book “will detail (Booker’s) struggles with family and crime in urban Houston before becoming one of the world’s most recognized and successful athletes.” It is currently scheduled for a September 2010 release.

“I’m at that point in my life where I feel maybe someone else can benefit from hearing what I’ve been through,” Booker said in the press release. “You know, whether their parents passed away at an early age, or they got into some serious trouble with the law, there’s no doubt in my mind people will not only relate to what I went through, but maybe I can even help keep some of them from going down the same path.”

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  • Robbie Williams

    Yeah man, I was there when it was released… Booker said he’d get me on T.V and be his Tag-Team partner because I’m the best talent he’s ever seen… He also signed my book and smoked a blunt with me, then he went on a rant of calling Hulk Hogan the N-Bomb…

  • Truthiness

    @Clara711 He’s signed with WWE so he’s gonna be doing a lot more than a two minute appearance. Also, if he had waited until he figured out whether he was going to TNA or WWE he could have had his book published through WWE and gotten a lot more publicity for it, and they probably would have put a better title on it.

  • Clara711

    That’s Booker T signed with WWE. The man is smart, he gets free promotion for his book and gets paid for a 2 minute appearance in a match!

  • Jeff

    Haha Fail!! Why do I have a feeling Middleton wrote this LOL

  • Jur

    So…it’s coming out in September of last year?