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Update On Hulk Hogan and His Appearance At TNA PPV Last Night

– A lot of people were shocked to see Hulk Hogan appear at last night’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view following more surgery to his back recently. Backstage, he was said to be moving slowly and was in some discomfort, but definitely not on the same level he teased when he made his appearance last night.

On his arrival at the show last night, Hogan was put into a room and stayed there until it was time for his main-event appearance.

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  • mr-rusty


    If you have seen every heel faction since 1995, then surely you are bored with current storylines, to me, bischoff and hogan & every other re worked fued that is occuring right now is boring.

    picture it like this, think of an episode of your favorite tv show.
    first time you see that show its great.
    second time you see it you may notice things that you missed the first time so the sparkle of said show is still there.
    third time you see that episode it gets boring because you know how its going to end.

  • mr-rusty

    all im saying is, the hardy swerve was good, and the way it turned sting and nash into faces was also good, because i for one didnt have a clue what their part was to play in the build up for bound for glory, but as for bischoff, jarrett and hogan how many variations of heel stables did we see in the mid to late 90’s consisting of them 3 in WCW. it would have been better to bring in something a tiny bit fresher.


    mr-rusty I’M 16 I done seen every heel stable faction from 1995 to 2010 Tna need to bring in the worlds greatest tag team shelton benjamin & charlie haas bring back christopher daniels monty brown konan psycosis Ricky Banderas tiger mask & some new x divisioners to help fight the conglomerate fortune hogan bishoff heel faction

  • Evasion

    wouldn’t it have made more sense if Jarret joined stings crusade and have samoa joe in this stable? “Jarret abandons samoa joe cause he realized what they have been up to and realizes that sting, pope and nash were right all along.” Apart from that the turn was good.

  • squiggy

    i am in my 30’s and i have seen every angle rehashed 5 times over…it is just how mr rusty said,That being said i really enjoyed the ppv, there was alot of great matches and only a couple i would like to forget lol.I especially enjoyed the hardly and jarret swerve, i hope they put a fresh twist on this this and go with the corporation vs the new bloods approach and pit the hogan alliance against fortune someday soon.a.j. styles vs. jeff hardy would be sweet!!!

  • MiddleFinger

    TNA have finally done something right with this angle by keeping it under wraps for a while now. Props to them. Can’t wait for IMPACT!

  • BMac

    Sadly I agree with mr-rusty

  • mr-rusty

    its hardly low if they have exagerated on hogans surgery etc. wrestling has been full of storylines that have incorporated fake / exagerated injuries, eddie gureros mother having a heart attack in the ring when jbl approached her, kurt angle being confined to a wheelchair when he was gm, randy orton breaking batistas arm.

    as for been there done that, the same goes for wwe and their kane undertaker bearer storyline, ideas just seem to be recycled every certain amount of years, its why people are losing interest, and by people i mean people over the age of 20. kids love it because they havent seen it before

  • Ronald

    So was the whole Hogan back surgery updates and such just a swerve? I mean, did he only have very minor surgery but TNA hyped it as if it were life threatening? If that’s the case, it’s low, but not surprising. The only thing I like about it if it’s true is that they, apparently, fooled TMZ (or those a-holes were in on it!).

  • jimbo jones

    BFG was the biggest load of shit i have ever saw .hogan an bishoff turning heel been ther done that . CATCH A FUCKING GRIP AND COME UP WITH SOMTHING NEW