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Source: F4W Newsletter

– There are rumblings in WWE that Lilian Garcia may be hosting RAW next week or the week after on her way out of WWE. Lilian’s final act would be to name her replacement.

– WWE is looking at SummerSlam as a win-win situation even if the pay-per-view buyrate isn’t all that great because of all the connections they made in Los Angeles leading up to the show.

– Even though WWE has been cracking down on marijuana use, there are still a lot of names that continue to smoke and are racking up $1,000 fines. So far it’s only affecting under and midcard guys but it’s said if Vince gets in the right mood, all that could change.

  • Treg

    weed smokers… good luck when your wiener doesn’t work the way it’s suppose to anymore =\


    ok well the person you live with Matt… IS A LOSER… Normal people can smoke weed and continue to live normal lives. 90+% of the NBA smokes weed everyday and they do just fine going out and playing a REAL sport where the next thing to happen isn’t scripted. And as for the intelligence your friend is probably always high… When I smoke im a fucking idiot at times… but the same is true with when Im under the influence of any drug including alcohol…. get a brain and learn some facts before you just mindlessly shoot off what the government tells you as “fact”

  • Matt

    actually I live with someone who smokes, for more than 10 years now I’ve seen him from average intelligence, to below average, low to nil motivation (other than to have another hit) mood swings bordering on the aggressive not to mention he’s slow to react to many situations regardless of whether he is actually ‘high’ right then and there. so to the people saying it doesn’t affect you, well your just fucked in the head, like the person I live with.

  • JB

    You morons think they smoke up BEFORE a match?
    Its afterwards to help with the pain that you little marks cant even begin to imagine.

  • Chris Ryan

    Drug’s are bad, m’kay? RETARD


    He didn’t say that its ok to do your job high, he said getting high isnt a big deal, which its not. I got high throughout college and did just fine. Alcohol is legal and so are painkillers…. both of which wrestlers use heavily. WEED ISNT A BIG DEAL… stop believing the ads that are sponsored by alcohol and tobacco companies… ever wonder why weed is still illegal, its because BILLION dollar industries would lose money and politicians would thus lose money… Get educated you fucking morons…. Ryan u the man

  • JJ

    Yeah, weed is illegal for a reason. A 1000 fine doesn’t seem to fit the punishment.

  • Shawn

    Ryan is a grade A winner! All hail the almighty genius that is Ryan! Yay, Ryan, you win the Internet! Congrats! Can I use any more exclaimation marks?!

  • Matt

    your right Ryan, let someone go out there high and botch a spot where they’re supposed to be protecting someone during a fall etc… and see how that goes down…. retard.

  • Ryan

    Weed isnt even that bad. I dont know why its a banned substance, your more relaxed when you smoke it and it doesnt boost performance. I think WWE should let their wrestlers smoke it and bring back our poster boy Rob Van Dam

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