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Update on Mason Ryan, How Long He’s with WWE For, Comments from WWE Stars

– Mason Ryan, who debuted last night on RAW with Nexus, is reportedly signed to a five-year deal with WWE that he inked back in 2009.

The current FCW Heavyweight Champion is also a former UK Gladiator, where he competed under the name Goliath. It was reported recently that WWE officials had big plans for Mason and are looking for him to fill the big man role that Batista once had.

Carrie sent word that Ryan calls his finishing move The House of Pain in FCW.

A few wrestlers jokingly commented on Ryan’s debut on their Twitters:

FCW star Ken Li: “Big congrats to Mason Ryan!! Good seeing him on Raw!!”

Tyler Reks: “Big Barry, torture rack, break your back”

Zack Ryder: “What? Steve Blackman joined the Nexus tonight?”

Chris Jericho: “Interesting to see the debut of Batistwo tonight on Raw…”

  • Mason Ryan has a long way to go though before getting to Batista’s level.

  • LOL. Chris Jericho cracks me up. I totally thought the same thing when I saw this Mason Ryan guy on RAW. I was like: “Isn’t Batista in strikeforce? What is he doing back so early?” LMAO…halarious!!

  • A

    @Andre Lewis

    Wise up before you call me a noob and re-read what I said – Barrett GREW UP in Wales. He was born in England but moved to Wales at the age of 6.

  • Pieman

    It’s weird because he’s from Preston, North West England. Most people around the world think All people from England sound like they are from London. Not all people can be tarnished with this brush but it’s crazy how many people (Not just Americans) think we do.

  • andre lewis

    barretts from england you noob not wales he has a strong yet weird british accent as for mason he could pass for a relative of batista despite being british and not filpino i hope hes not another big man made to make john sheena look good every big man eventually loses to cena just to make the kids happy thats why ppl turned on cena in the 1st place the guys popularity was dead by 2007 he was really hated in 2007 beating guys and winning impossible matches jerry lawaler kisses cenas ass so much it gets annoying look at the power of cena the heart o please what a crock of shit but anyways congrats on mason on coming to raw rumor has it batista may return someday along with jericho damn man two guys that look like twins not by wrestling skill but by looks thats crazy man

  • A


    You do realise that Barrett is as good as Welsh don’t you? He grew up in Cardiff

  • liz

    i dont think that guy should be with the nexus and y they always gotta mess with cena they are jut creating dumb storylines im sick of nexus.

  • Justin

    I like your comment Tim. I bet it happens


    batistwo, thats class.

    im just glad theres a welsh guy in wwe. someone for me to cheer now.

    hopefully they will use him properly and make a star out of him as opposed to some people they have tried to hard to push in the past and failed miserably.

  • CM Mark

    Moderated again? For what? Really? Really? LOL…

  • CM Mark

    Batistwo is kinda lame actually guys.

  • Buttercastle

    Batistwo haha Jericho is the best.

  • adam

    dont u know tim cena cant lose because that would destroy the wwe i mean the company might go bankrupt if he loses a match or isnt on the show for more then one week.

  • scott

    fill the spot left by Batista? i didn’t know Batista was part of Nexus! It’s a shame this is the only thing wwe creative could think to do with this guy. shove him off into Nexus to try to breathe life into a worthless storyline. they could’ve went in so many different directions. I guess i expected too much from vince and co.

  • Tim

    Knowing the WWE, they’ll play him off as a relative of Batista’s that has come to get revenge on John Cena…and Cena will win, because god forbid he should ever lose…

  • Jeff

    Can’t they just call him Batista Jr.?

  • Andy

    Haha…Steve Blackman