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Update On Matt Striker, Vince McMahon Featured On DVD Cover, Lilian Garcia

— As seen last Friday on SmackDown, Matt Striker was replaced on the program’s announce team by the returning Booker T. He remains as a color commentator for the blue brand as he called tonight’s SmackDown matches on WWE Superstars, alongside Jack Korpela.

— An archival photo of Vince McMahon is featured on the cover art of WWE’s The True Story Of WrestleMania DVD and Blu-ray release. To view the image, click here. The title is set for release in the United States on March 15.

— Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia announced today on Twitter that she will be attending this Sunday’s 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

  • Steven

    Strikers too good to be left on superstars, what i think is going to happen is jerry lawler will retire soon and he’ll be bumped up to RAW.

  • Nicholas G

    Booker T going to be for Smackdown what the King is for Raw. Sorry I like Striker a lot but Booker T got the better track record. What I mean is comparing both in ring wrestling career Striker is not in Booker T league hate to say it.

  • Kawika

    I rather listen to Striker then Cole. Atleast Striker knows the names of the moves being performed Cole knows nothing is just annoying. His commentary just dont make sense as he trys to hard to be a Heel.

  • mabry

    Striker should be doing coments on ppvĀ“s wit booker and someone else, hes fun, unlike Cole and The King (he really needs to be heel again cause he sucks now).

  • mark

    Easy, get rid of Cole and put him on raw

  • Hunter

    As rumours have it, King and Cole both didn’t rate him and I’m sure that fed through to management.

  • Matt

    they should team up striker and booker.

  • CC

    I dont think Striker did anything in particular wrong, its just that they wanted Booker on there, and he is the bigger name.
    I wouldnt be surprised if Striker doesnt end up on Raw to return them to a three man team like when Punk was on it.


    hmm so they basically reduced striker down to superstars…..hmm wonder what he did to do that lol. He went from announcing PPVs to annoucing on superstars…WWE’s C show next to NXT.

  • Will Henderson

    ALHOW, i think he’s only gonna be on Superstars. i have a feeling after the draft the WWE will make a universal announce team for WWE Superstars with Matt Striker and Scott Stanford calling all the matches on Superstars and it will be like a Heat or Velocity thing with Superstars becoming the Low card show.


    Does this mean that striker is only the commentator of smackdown matches on superstars? Or does he still announce on smackdown with booker and whoever else?