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– The latest update on Rey Mysterio and the Intercontinental Title is that he will likely drop the belt at next Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rey’s suspension doesn’t start until September 2nd, next Wednesday. This gives them time to take the title off of him next Tuesday night. Dolph Ziggler is expected to end up with the belt because that was the plan to eventually happen.

  • Karina

    Just because you don’t like Rey, doesn’t mean you have the trash the man. Dolph Ziggler is a lame wrestler, and bores me. Rey is entertaining & exciting and is one of the crowds favorite.

  • taylor

    i no a lot about rey and this is not him so back off

  • slapnutz and me

    lol omg your comebacks are worst than your idol’s dolph zigler hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Me

    don’t actually care if you like or agree with my opinion or not, you don’t agree with what i said about mysterio? that’s cool, but i simply don’t care what you think.

  • slapnutz and me

    “slapnutz” and “Me” are dolph zigglers real life boyfriends hence them being all over his nutz and hating on rey . dan crackers!!!



  • tyler

    rey is inspsed by his fans he needs fans

  • taylor

    ziggler dose not deserve the title he never bet rey fare and squar it is reys

  • mario

    for all u ku klux dummies rey has been one of the only entertaining wrestlers the wwe has had in months dolph zigglers act is lame !!!!!!!!!and why are you idiots making racist remarks its entertainment it shows how feeble your brain is when you make stupid remarks like that !!!!!!!!!!!clowns

  • shelton

    piss on rey and aa the stinking mexi

  • X-Pac

    f al of you rey is still the man who da f cares if he smokes a little weed it’s not like he’s using roids or doing rails and stuff and ziggler sucks he’s still a green horn in the ring and makes stupid mistakes take it from me X-Pac I smoke weed all the time

  • slapnutz

    I agree with Me, fuck that beaner. Give Ziggy the belt.

  • quizzle929

    haha, it’s amazing what wwe can do to a guy…he goes from a spirit squad member, to a guy everybody wants to push lol…..he definitely deserves it tho, good for him…

  • Kinnaird

    This not only hurts rey but dolph as well. i dont think the fans are going 2 buy into his sudden victory for the title. a win at breaking point would have given him a decent push ending a decent feud. he would have gained respect.

  • not you

    Racist and stupid… piella ? maybe u meant to say paella, and by the way that’s a spanish dish not mexican ahole

  • avdangerously

    I do have to admit a little bit of respect has been lost for rey rey. Dolph is an up and coming star and deserves a shot in the spotlight. Pity it happens this way

  • Jerky

    Just coz you don’t like Rey, doesn’t mean you have to be racist.

  • Me

    good, ziggler deserves the belt, and that little drugged up short ass mexican piella eating faggot doesn’t.

    fuck, i hate mysterio.

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