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Update on Rey Mysterio’s WWE Status, Two Legends Retiring Soon, More

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts is having what’s billed as his final match on January 29th at the Pro Wrestling Guerilla show in conjunction with WrestleReunion in Los Angeles. Roberts will be facing his protege Sinn Bodhi, the former Kizarny in WWE.

Terry Funk is also claiming to have his last match on that same show but Funk has retired several times over the years. Another interesting match at that show will be a battle royal with The Barbarian, former referee Danny Davis, Shane Douglas, Funk, Mike Graham, Val Venis, Jim Neidhart, Barry Orton, Bob Orton Jr., Ken Patera, Roddy Piper, Tatanka, Rock Riddle, Tito Santana, Vampiro, Savio Vega and Warlord.

– To sort of acknowledge that RAW is their A show, WWE’s general policy on tickets is that RAW tapings are priced at $75 to $20 while SmackDown tapings are priced from $60 to $15.

– Rey Mysterio’s first weekend back on WWE live events looks to be their Super Bowl matinee show on February 6th in Philadelphia. Rey is booked to wrestle Wade Barrett that day but isn’t expected to work a live event until then.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Kim

    I always liked Jake Roberts. I wish him the best in retirement. I doubt Terry Funk will stay retired. What is he now close to 70? I thought I heard someone say before that Terry Funk retired for the first time in 1983. He has to be one of the toughest guys out there.

  • theMark

    Hey u guys still here…..? lol Funk that old ass dude

  • mark

    only a matter of time before Rey retires , sounds pretty banged up.

  • Justin

    Mr. Promo himself, Ken Patera!

  • centerman

    Snake has some sad serious Issues, but I wanna’ see The Funkster wrestling in the ring when “I am 80”.