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- It looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will not be part of WrestleMania 27 this year. Johnson has agreed to feature in a movie titled “Protection” where he will played a disgraced former American Special Forces operative who must rescue a judge’s kidnapped daughter from a Mexican cartel. The film will shoot from New Mexico in March meaning Johnson would be ruled out of most of the pre-PPV build up.

- Although Linda McMahon lost the Election yesterday, there hasn’t been much in terms of reaction at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT. The mood has remained the same as it has been for the past few weeks.

- WWE Monday Night Raw on February 21st, 2011 will be held at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California. Tickets go on sale January 8th, 2011. [News provided by: Devin Cutting]

Source: PWInsider.com

  • venom


    Mommy should stop letting you go on the computer. When you complete middle school then maybe you can go on the computer.

  • Buttercastle

    @CC don’t forget who else made The Rock. And that would be the people.

  • someone

    i wouldn’t be surprised if the rock says he will never come back to the wwe…

  • erik

    @bus if that is case wouldn’t going tv14 bring in teens and adults that have partime and fulltime jobs which could help wwe earn more money. It is all about the money isn’t it.

  • RaTeD R

    the Rock turning his back on WWE i dont know, but u can not deny he has crappy movie’s
    the only good one was Walking Tall after that, its not even worth looking at what movies he did after that.

  • Bus

    Linda lost and WWE is going to remain pg simply because children are their biggest cash cow. Get used to it, money is more important to the WWE than you are.


    Linda Lost….Now let’s bring back the ATTITUDE

  • Franchise

    the hell with blood, I want Melinas ring intrance back!

  • keylo

    venom u a$$ clown and bitter muppet, so rock moved on and so should you to a shrink as you need help retard.

  • erik

    @venom wwe vince mcmahon made rock star he won wwe title 7 times he was main eventer for wwe from 1998-2002. he left wwe in 2003 7 years go in 2003 at age 30. so he has nothing left to prove imo.

  • venom


    WWE booked the Rock to win the WWE title. WWE made him into a star. If he made himself into a star, then how come Santino didn’t win the World title? If WWE made the Rock into a jobber then he wouldn’t have become a movie star. The Rock acts like the WWE didn’t do anything for him. This article is a waste because The Rock not being available for Wrestlemania 27 is not news. The Rock won’t be available for mania 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34. He’s too busy dressing up as a fairy.

  • CC

    To my knowledge WWE hasnt tried to get him back for WM, so I dont understand the two comments above. This is basically a news article saying he isnt available, so if WWE approached him, he wouldnt be available anyway.

    As for him having an ego, grow up. He has moved on and has a new career, and thats his main concern, as it should be.

    And WWE did not make the Rock, he made himself and made WWE a shed load of money along the way.
    WWE saddled him with a crappy gimmick that just didnt work, and like Austin, he took the initiative and forged his own character, which got him over big style.
    While he got his fame and fortune while at WWE, WWE made more money from his name than he ever made himself, so get over it.

    Rock and Austin both paid their dues 1000 times over, so they dont owe WWE or the fans anything, and its up to them what career paths they choose.
    And lets face it, if it wasnt for those two, WCW would probably have ended up winning the Monday night wars.

  • misfit

    Thank you venom, I’m sick and tired of hearing about duane johnson, he tirned his back on the sport ( yes I consider it a sport, rigged but none the less a sport), that made him a star, so I say good ridence punk, and hopefully your crappy movies keep bombing.

  • venom

    WWE should stop trying to bring the Rock back. It won’t happen, let’s all move on. The Rock has an ego and he doesn’t want to hurt that by coming back to WWE.

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