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Update On Samoa Joe Kidnapping Storyline, Get Angelina Love’s Platform Boots, New ODB Pics

by Amish Patel - March 03, 2010

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– Fans shouldn’t be too dismayed by the storyline of Samoa Joe being abducted by a group of masked men from a parking lot two weeks on iMPACT! as the long-term plan is for this to lead to a renewed push for the multi-time TNA champion at some point. (source: www.pwtorch.com)

– Angelina Love is auctioning off a few ring worn items including platform boots worn on several episodes of iMPACT! as well as a beekeeper outfit. You can view the auctions at the following link.

– The TNA website has released new studio photos of ODB at the following link.

TNA in negotiations with former WWE star for next Monday ->

  • Oscar Gutierrez

    No Monday Night Wars Part 2.

    The wrestling industry is dying and is a shell of its former glory. Monday nights will not support two shows. Cannibalism will lower both show’s ratings and eventually doom TNA.

  • rko

    I thought Joe looked appealing with the Samoan tattoo on his face, but the attire was ugly.

    A mix of his old and new gimmick wouldn’t be so bad.

  • Leon

    I’m the only one glad about the monday night wars….Hopefuly wwe and tna gets their acts together and do something with a storyline…I think tna will be surpise a lot of people…I also think wwe will buy them out and aj and joe will be back on wwe tv again…

  • NuclearShadow

    @ Joe

    Not really I’m not happy with Raw (or any WWE show at that) or TNA at this moment. Storylines are rather dull and the matches have been sub-par at best. Monday night war?
    More like Monday night bore…

  • James Mills

    The only way the push would work for Joe, is if he returns as the OLD Samoa Joe…the ice-cold submission specialist in the two tone trunks.
    PLEASE let this be how he returns.

  • Joe Thunder

    Anyone else psyched for part 2 of the Monday Night Wars?


    renewed push!!! come on the last time tna renewed a push on samoa joe he came back with a mad max with jamaican pijamas gimmick!!

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