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- According to multiple sources, Samoa Joe’s TNA contract has expired.

It’s expected the former TNA Champion will work tonight’s Final Resolution PPV and this week’s tv tapings while both parties work negotiating a new deal.

Joe joined TNA in 2005.

Credit – PWInsider.com

  • CC

    @ Charles.
    Firstly, the Umaga character was actually originally created for Joe, but he turned WWE down as he didnt want to do it.
    Secondly, how was Umaga a failure anyway?
    The character was hugely over with the fans, and was always being pushed by WWE.
    The only failure was the fact that Eddie Fatu could not control his drug habit, which was nothing to do with WWE or the character.

  • jay

    so long samoa joe as he is one of the reasons i still watch tna

  • fh

    Joe treated better in the WWE? He wouls probably job to the midcard, like Zack Ryder and Chavo Guerrero, or he would end up on Superstars.

  • Nicholas G

    I have been feeling this way for a while about Samoa Joe ever since he talk with CM Punk last year around this time. I have a feeling many people in TNA thought Joe was going to go to the WWE once his contract was up this time around. Which is why he has not really been push all that much. It was easy to see that Joe has had plans to come to WWE once his contract was up. Oh for those who don’t think Samoa Joe could make in the WWE you don’t really know that your just guesting. Because CM Punk is one guy who came for TNA and ROH an has done very well for himself. God rest his soul Umaga didn’t do all that bad when he first got to the WWE. If you remember both HHH and HBK had put the guy over. But Umaga got mess up with that drug story in Florida and he seem never to recover from his drug problems. Sorry put you can’t say the WWE didn’t try to push Umaga at first when he came to the WWE. But Samoa Joe has a better head on his shoulder an it a much better wrestler an a darn good talker that will help him get by in the WWE.

    Now will he work out in the WWE we will have to wait and see. Not saying that he will but will say he will work harder then any of the other TNA guys that came to the WWE. Samoa Joe is a worker an WWE is the best place in for him right now. He has been push to the back burner in TNA since Hogan and Eric got there. At least in the WWE he will be given a better chance to become a huge star.

  • damkat

    he should go to WWE it would be amazing…more money for him and hopefully a new huge storyline for WWE. He would be a great name for WWE to steal and put the nail in the coffin of TNA. I hope for TNA he decides to stay but the money in WWE could make him leave.

  • HBK

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Joe showed-up on Raw tomorrow night as like an imposter or something. Would totally piss Hogan et al off.

  • Treg

    God, I’d love for Joe to return to ROH..

  • Charles

    They already had joe in the wwe. He was called Umaga, later Manu.
    They both failed.

  • MitchWD

    @andre lewis, man you should’ve quit wrestling 3 years ago when Joe stopped wrestling and started eating

  • Evil Doink

    I think Joe could be huge in WWE. Although, they probably wouldn’t be high on his physique, so he’d probably come out wearing the polka-dot-Dusty outfit.

  • Ronald

    I honestly hope Joe goes to WWE. I would absolutely love to see a CM Punk vs Samoa Joe match (on PPV). WWE has changed their views on real wrestlers and on how a wrestler should look. If there were ever a time for Joe to get his big break (and pay day!), it’s now! WWE will be interested, no doubt. TNA has no real future. It’s the Titanic (see: WCW) 2.0

  • Adam

    Something tells me Joe could go to either WWE or ROH. Either way, he’ll be treated a hell of a lot better in one of those companies than in TNA. Even though Michael Cole will hound him for being an Internet star.

  • Zach V

    joe could make more money working for roh and being on the indi circuit. Look at AJ Styles he has said he never signed with WWE because he could make more money on the indy curcuit and now he is in TNA

  • idontknow2

    @Scooter, from what i have hear of tna financial situation, he could be already winning that on tna.

  • Matt

    Joe going to WWE would probably be the worst thing, for him and us.

  • kill cena haters


  • Matt

    They’ll probably do something stupid and ask him to sign for less money like they’ve been doing to everyone else lately.

  • luckysalt

    Man I hope they keep Joe, seriously if they let Joe go thats BS

  • Rob

    Depends on what kinda steak

  • scooter

    so he can work for 5 dollars and a steak every night?

  • idontknow2


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