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Update on Sgt. Slaughter and RAW, Backstage News on Last Night’s RAW, More

Partial source: F4Wonline

– WWE will be releasing new DX t-shirts soon.

– Former WWE Superstar Brian Kendrick’s first independent appearance has already been announced as he will be working for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in Reseda, California on August 28th. Kendrick was visiting at PWG last weekend.

– Reportedly there was frustration with a few wrestlers prior to RAW going on air last night. Vince McMahon was said to be 100% focused with Piven segments and Stephanie was rarely seen. Wrestlers were not able to discuss their involvement with the show since the creative team was unavailable. The fear backstage is that it is going to continue being a struggle to get their ideas out with more celebrities wanting to get involved with WWE.

– As previously announced WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter will be the special guest host for next week’s RAW. His character came from the G.I. Joe franchise, so that likely attributed to WWE selecting him as a guest host to promote the new movie. The USA Network was running spots on RAW last night for the movie and aired a sneak peek.

  • russ

    This guest host thing is ok, I guess, but they need to think the choices over a little better. ZZ Top was terrible. Shaq was pretty good. Maybe they will get Damien Demento to host one week. Hahahahahahahahahaha, he wishes. Demento sucks. I’d rather have Bastion Booger come back for a night.

  • DAL


  • RoseBeaver

    Way to miss the joke, BOB

  • Bradwell

    althought im aware this will likely never happen, but The Hitman as guest host in calgary would of been awesome

  • seanwdragon

    you know, I really think that they should have just made Sgt Slaughter this week, and just dropped Priven in the 1st place. Just my opinion.

  • Fonzo

    Actually its the other way around, he was in GI Joe because he was famous in the WWF, just like most things non wrestling related, and most things wrestling related on this site, ya got it wrong!

  • scot

    Besides Hart you Lance Storm

  • BOB

    Bret Hart…

  • Shawn

    Pfft… like there are any famous wrestlers from the Calgary area.

  • Jeff

    Sgt. Slaughter as the host of Raw in CALGARY? How does that make any sense… At least get somebody that the canadian crowds will give a crap about…