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- Well informed sources with World Wrestling Entertainment do not believe Steve “Sting” Borden has signed a contract. That’s not to say Sting can’t sign at some point, but it does not appear as though he has at the moment.

It appears Sting is still a free agent as sources within TNA aren’t aware of him re-signing with the company. For what it’s worth, he’s still listed on the TNA website roster page.

partial credit – prowrestling.net

  • Soulshroude

    That night is a Monday… since when has the WWe Universe EVER seen taker appear on a Raw brand show? Smackdown has been his baby for the last 10 years.

  • AdamIsHere

    Sting vs Jericho @ WM27 please!

  • KGM Da Master

    Mistico will arrive on the WWE scene on 02-21-11! This will be the ground breaking wrestler from Mexico that Vince has desired for a long time. New gimmick could be interesting! I really do think Sting is far fetched but not impossible. Hell, WWE will need him with the currect card they have for Wrestlemania now. I wish it were Stone Cold returning to Wrestlemania for one more match! That would be the best surprise to me. We shall see, either way this commercial achieved its goal.

  • Seth

    2-21-11 is a Monday, so whatever it is, it will happen on RAW. It is also the night after the Elimination Chamber PPV. So it could just as easily be someone that interferes with a match at the PPV. That could be Sting, Undertaker, or even HHH. I don’t think it’s the Undertaker because he does all his stuff on Smackdown and that’s where is feud is going to be. I don’t think it’s Sting, unless they have signed him already. Seems out of place for HHH but he is due.

    He could easily cost Sheamus the chamber match and start a feud.

  • biff

    There are to many unknowns and variables to say if it is Sting or the Undertaker, you may also consider a few other things, Kongs debut? or there was talk of Bill Goldberg returning in time for wrestlemania, and what about Randy Savage, he seems to have made his peace with Vince (not for a moment I think it could possibly be him though) or the return of HHH, or maybe Jerico who stated this week he was 90% signed, perhaps it could even be the GM making himself known, but what ever happens, I will be watching. The video that WWE ran has created exactly what the WWE wanted it to do, wild speculation and to keep everyone guessing, and I bet the veiwing figures that night break records

  • Adrian

    Honestly, I hope it’s either sting or some other new guy wrestler. But lets face it…Wwe is probably gonna dissapoint, And it’s gonna be another stale return of Undertaker, (We all havent seen that a million times before) Or they are going to ruin a good buildup, And make it be awesome kong…Either way, I smell a failure coming.



    brock isnt going to be at mania.

    the only reason i think it might be sting is the fact booker and nash are already back for some reason or another.

    and mania is in atlanta, wcw stomping grounds, it all fits.

    or is that what they want us to think.

  • kannon

    yeah Brock gonna get a 7 figure contract for a few shows and wrestlemania. Rather have the money go to Sting.

  • Evil Doink

    Yes, JR is good at keeping quiet, so he would never let the cat out of the bag. But, “never say never in this business…”

    How can a newspaper report that Sting has signed a contract when he hasn’t? It doesn’t seem logical, because where are they getting their facts from if it isn’t true? Obviously someone has some insider info somewhere.

    Sting belongs in WWE for the proper send-off, period. As far as not treating his character properly, I’m sure Vince would give Sting whatever creative control he wants over it. Vince knows both he and Sting will make a lot of money. And considering what they were going to offer Brock Lesnar, I think Sting would do just fine.

  • Vinny

    @ wrestlfan – why should Sting go to WWE? Maybe to finish out his career in the biggest, most well known wrestling organization in the world. To have that wrestlemania moment one day, to maybe even capture the most sought after prize in the game, the WWE Championship.

    ALOT of people still don’t know what TNA is. As far as their concerned, Sting retired after wcw went out of business.

    Signing with WWE is Stings chance to bounce back to that #1 spot he lost since WCW closed. Stings chance for the Hall of Fame which is rightfully deserved. To have the best action figures of him made, to maybe even star in a WWE produced movie for WWE Films. The possibilites for Sting are ENDLESS with WWE! Or he can stay in TNA and fued with Motor City Machine Guns or Abyss for the millionth time and wrestle in front of 500 people every week.

    And you people on here make me laugh. Stings ONLY reason for never joining WWE was because he wasn’t sure how the Sting character would be used and also saying that “Vince has always been good to me”… so on and so forth. However, I think we ALL know deep down Vince will know exactly what to do with Sting. Sting is one of the greatest wrestlers EVER. Sting knows that, Vince knows that, WWE knows that. AND THATS WHY ITS TIME FOR STING TO SIGN WITH WWE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! Sign for the Hall of Fame, sign on to make movies for WWE Films, sign on to have that wrestlemania moment, maybe capture the belt and so many other great things would come out of Sting signing with WWE.


    The 2-21-11 promo never aired on WWE RAW in Australia!!!

  • Gobbledygooker

    The smoke a the end of the 2*21*11 trailer spells “S E T H”

  • CM Mark

    I hope he goes back to TNA, unless Vince is gonna pay the man 6 figures.

  • Starship Pain

    We can only hope.

    But I remember one of Sting’s “Crow” entrance themes… One had rain, like the video…

  • jay

    As much as i want it to be sting i just keep watching that video he did along time ago saying how he would never go to wwe because of what vince would do to his character. but then again if you were going to retire where would u wanna do it at if you had a choice tna or wwe

  • dx

    joe i also like ur thought that would deffinately be cool in 2004 when undertaker return as the deadman it was cool but the costume is nothing like the ones he had in the 90s..the western mortician gimmic would be cool to see again

  • dx

    this thing is so back and forth undertaker sting undertaker sting sting signed with wwe sting didnt sign with wwe for the first time in a long time wwe is doing something right and im actually excited for the day to come cuz it could be anything….its actually pretty cool and has made quite a buzz

  • Joe

    I’m hoping this video was for Taker and a new gimmick or the return of an old gimmick like the western mortician since the setting of this video had a dark western feel to it…

  • Monsoon

    @tony JR is known for keeping kayfabe when he talks about stuff like this. If it’s is a surprise then JR isn’t going to confirm it on his blog.

  • wrestlfan

    it would be better for sting to stay in TNA , if he join WWE that would suck, why tarnish his career and lose to undertaker? Taker vs barret make more sense since Nexus screw him the last time he was in the ring!
    2-21-11 video is isnt sting , mabye undertaker return promo since taker is coming back to raw/smackdown on 2-21-11
    or a new FCW wrestler in some new gimmick

  • PAUL

    I think it is Undertaker because the dates end up being 19-0, meaning he will win at wrestlemania.




  • tony belfast

    the chances are it could be sting but as i read on jrs blog there is a very small to no chance of him facing undertaker at mania which kinda sucks if they dont,, undertaker has his thing going on with barrett but if sting does join wwe then a match with him and taker could happen maybe at summerslam

  • CC

    @Ronald. WWE is not stupid enough to air a video concerning Sting if he has not signed with them. This is not TNA.
    If that is indeed intended for Sting, then he has signed already. If it turns out to be Undertaker or someone else, then thats who it was always intended to be.
    WWE do not take risks with things like this, which is why they will always have the edge over TNA when it comes to legal matters.

    Now what annoys me is the fact checking on these news articles.
    Yesterday, someone reported that Sting had been removed from the site, and today this report says he is still on there (which he is).
    Maybe someone should check to see if he has indeed been removed before cut and pasting their news reports from elsewhere.

    Personally I really would love for Sting to come to WWE for one final run before retiring, but I am certainly not gonna get my hopes up on it.

    Dont believe for a second that WWE would run a promo HOPING that he will sign. If its him, then he probably signed weeks ago.

  • http://www.fightersmag.co.uk TeddyG

    Sting always said he would never sign for WWE because he is very religious and didn’t like Vince’s p!ss taking of religion with Shawn Michaels a few years ago… guess he has forgotten “the love of money is the route of all evil…” shows how a few quid can change someones moral stance eh?

  • Jeff

    *Spoiler* Booker appears on Smackdown

  • The Crow

    it would be awesome to see a sting vs undertaker at wrestle mania man that would be cool.. whats happen to booker t was it one shot deal or what?

  • Jon-Jon

    I reaslly hope Sting signed with the E.

  • misfit

    Or maybe tna did what wwe did to them, and actually swooped the stinger away away from their grasps? Highly doubt it though.

  • Ronald

    The person *in* the vignette is neither Sting nor Undertaker, but the video itself is, in fact, *for* one or the other. Right now WWE plans the video to be for Sting. If something happens before his deal is official, WWE is still awaiting the results of his physical and/or Sting could still back out, Undertaker is plan B. Either way, Undertaker will return on 2/21/11. If everything goes to plan, he won’t be the only person appearing on that date.

  • Dave

    I take this as WWE trying to cover it up, because they are pissed it got out. Not gonna work. Everyone is expecting it to be Sting now.

  • Vinny

    who knows? we’ll just have to find out and see on february 22 I guess

  • Evil Doink

    Darn, that 2-21-11 teaser looks a lot like a vignette they used for Sting in TNA. It could easily be Taker (or anyone else for that matter), but I don’t see why they would hype another Taker return when that’s been done so many times now. Undertaker comes “back from the dead” about once every 1.5 years. It is stale. When he does show up, I would prefer it be out of nowhere and be a surprise instead of a buildup.

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