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Update On Tatanka Appearing On Raw, How Much FCW Talent Are Paid, More

— In a note on how much wrestlers under developmental contracts to WWE are being paid, those without any name value reportedly start out at $500 per week. Should a wrestler last a few months, his or her pay is bumped to $700. If they last even longer, it’s evidently bumped to $1,000 per week.

— In a further update on former WWE talent Chris Chavis (a/k/a Tatanka) appearing on tomorrow’s “Old School” Raw in Hershey, Pennsylvania, he was on hand for yesterday’s Ring of Honor event in Mississauga, Ontario and confirmed to Live Audio Wrestling that he was contacted by WWE official John Laurinaitis to appear at the event.

Chavis told The LAW that he expects to work a tag match on the show and was instructed to bring his ring gear.

— On Monday, Nov. 22 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Kelly Kelly will be appearing at the KIA of Orange Park located at 6373 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonvvile, Florida, 32244.

See photos of Kelly without makeup ->

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

  • cody

    They state in the article that the 500 a week starting pay is for guys with no name value. The guys you mentioned Scooter more than likely made more than that.

  • Rich

    @Scooter..No I Mean Just Starting Out In The WWE

  • @Rich not really with the exception of the divas lets look at some of the guys to come from FCW
    Bryan Danielson and Kaval – indys, japan and even TNA for Kaval
    Wade Barrett, Drew Mcintyre and Sheamus – UK indys
    Husky Harris, Justin Gabriel, Michael mcGuillicutty – all come from wrestling familys
    so yeah most of these guys have been wrestling for a bit

  • captain america

    In 2008, WWE initiated a change in its programming content. The United States parental guidelines rating system now rates all WWE television programs “PG” indicating family-friendly content in the programming.Vince McMahon noted that the change to more family-friendly content is due to the changing demographics in WWE viewership.As of 2010, women and young children make up 40% of the company’s audience.
    Since 2008, all WWE programs (including those aired on Pay-Per-View), are rated TV-PG (they were previously rated TV-14, but the rating was changed to attract more of a family audience and more lucrative TV sponsors)

  • Zach V

    I was at the ROH show in Mississauga and if Tatanka was indeed there he did not appear infront of the live crowd at all during the event

  • Trixie

    Why is Kelly Kelly randomly appearing at KIA dealership for an hour?

  • Cody

    Sounds like some of the guys in fcw are being paid better than some of the guys in tna.

  • Rich

    Damn Thats Kinda Good Money Considering You’re Just Starting Out