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Update on the Booking for WrestleMania 27, Possible Top Matches

– WWE has reportedly decided on a top six-match program for WrestleMania 27 which would mostly be new programs from what is being worked on right now. The top two matches would be John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE Title and Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker, which will play off Nexus’ involvement in Taker being buried alive a few months ago.

This year the booking is a bit different as in years past, officials have had the top WrestleMania matches locked in and a direction laid out.

It’s important to note that The Undertaker being ready for WrestleMania still isn’t a sure thing.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Hunter

    They actually haven’t got a clue. Make the Nexus bury the Undertaker under Wade’s management… then have him kicked out and just move to another show.

    Whatever the reason for the attack, the integrity has gone. Watching that stupid buried aloie match makes even less sense now.

  • why does every1 go on at cena, edge has won more titles in less time then he dont get me wrong i sooner see cena vs undertaker and morrison as champ cause the miz aint showin champion material morrison carried him on monday but every1 should complain at wwe for cenas storylines not cena he was great as a heel its wwes fault now his gone off tracks

  • chilly

    how about the revelation of the raw GM ?

  • Kim

    I have to agree. I don’t want to see Cena and Miz altough Miz would be the main event and be getting a semi-long title run, but we all know how it would end. Cena will win and keep the belt all year.
    I figured they would go with Barret and Undertaker when Nexus buried him alive.
    I will say at least they have things planed out this time which could be good and they can actually build up the matches right.

  • jay

    the morrison vs miz match from this past monday was awesome. i just hope they dont start jobbing morrison out which wouldnt be surprising if they did

  • jay

    sorry to say but cena being injured might be the best thing for the show to push the younger talent. i dont hate cena but im not a cena fan either just give it to people that deserve it already. screw the little boys aznd girls under the age of 15

  • Evil Doink

    @ David – I feel your sarcasm.

    I believe Cena v. Taker would keep people guessing since they are both expected to win every year…. duh! It must be the old philosophy of giving the fans the opposite of what they want.”

  • In Grind We Crust

    so much for Morrison’s push. Cena vs Miz is gay.

  • CenaHater

    i dont think Cena needs another title shot im tired of seein him with and even without the title he is just an overrated over wrestled guy that needs to be put on ice for a while

  • David


    Because John Cena vs. The Undertaker would be the worst possible concoction ever made; It’s horribly booked, not to mention both of these guys aren’t the least bit popular. Absolutely NO ONE would buy Wrestle Mania if this were booked, it would be the worst possible thing WWE could do right now with all the low ratings. We better stick to Cena/Miz and Barrett/Taker, thats where the money’s at. (sarcasm)

  • Tony

    Darn!! I was hoping for Cena Vs. Taker

  • kannon

    Cena vs. Miz (to quote the Miz) Really! Really! Cena vs. Miz Really? Why not Cena vs. Punk in a steel cage match or Hell in the Cell? Or you can have HHH vs Sheamus in that type of match as Hunter owes him “payback” How about Orton vs Miz vs Jericho for the title. Have y2j win the Royal Rumble and somehow have Orton get screwed. The GM of Raw can then make it a 3 way match.