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Update on the DiBiase Brothers in WWE, Heat on Abraham Washington and More

Source: F4W Newsletter

– The dark match before last night’s RAW in Vegas saw Alex Riley cut a heel promo and then lose to Jamie Noble.

– Abraham Washington has been getting some heat in certain circles within WWE with people saying he has a huge ego and his talk show character portrayed on ECW is very close to his real-life persona.

– Brett DiBiase, who appeared on RAW last night, was described by one WWE source as a “stud” who is more relaxed than his brother Ted when the cameras are on. The other DiBiase, Mike, is said to have potential as well but has a lot of different problems which is why he’s not being called up and with WWE. There was a plan by WWE at one point to have all three of the DiBiase brothers team up in a “Billionaire Boys Society” and make them “preppy pompous asses.”

On the other hand, some say Brett DiBiase has potential but they’re surprised he’s been called up to the main roster already because he’s still very green.

  • Joe

    Orton was a Marine dumbass

  • Spy

    Wrestling/mma gawd. Your just wrong. I actually wanna see if Brett can wrestle so that he’s not just a pretty face. I never said anything about screwing him. And since we already know your wrong let’s correct more of your mistakes. We have to watch Cena because kids love him. Randy because he’s the most talent Raw has. Annd it doesn’t hurt that he’s Damn sexy either. The male audience you dunce actually makes up MOST of the audience. Female viewers just started back up, I’m gonna guess you don’t read this site very much. As for Stone Cold he’s my all time favorite but he moved on. Move on.

  • Jay Dogg

    Bret and Ted need to turn on Orton and Rhodes… That would be a great story line… Orton is at this point WWEs greatest wrestler. His execution of moves is great, and plays off the moves of his opponents incrediblly. The only wrestler that was better then Orton was Chris Benoit. The only problem with Randy Orton is that he’s scum in real life. He went AWOL from the Army… Loser!!

  • Yames

    Brett, Ted Jr & Mike have small penises.

  • Chris Ryan

    LOL hookers!

  • Dustin

    Well said, Wrestling/MMA GAWD!

  • Wrestling/MMA GAWD!

    this is why i hate women who like wrestling they think he is cute and because he is cute he can wrestle…fail die you slutty cunts die and stay away from wrestling your the reason why we have to watch John Cean dominate and Randy Orton on RAW because women think they look good and buy their merchandise leading WWE to believe everyone likes those fags they forget they have a male audience too what happeed to the stone colds? now we have model looking dudes who seems to be the only guys WWE wants to push

  • B

    Brett and Ted are nothing (in looks) compared to Randy Orton. Randy Orton is simply the hottest man in the WWE.

    Theodore is just…annoying. Yes, he HAS talent but he annoys me.

  • JoeW

    well Patty is a winner, might as well hit up the clubs to find you a Brett for each night of the week

  • Patty

    I think he is very sexy too….. I would like to see him my bedroom… See if he really does have potential LOL

  • Spy

    I like Brett he is cute. And I would like to see him in a match to see his potential.