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Update on The Miz and the RAW Brand, Tony Atlas Update, Dolph vs. Rey News

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– WWE finally removed The Miz from the RAW roster page today.

– As noted before, it looks like WWE has released Hall of Famer Tony Atlas from his main roster duties as his profile was quietly removed from the website. The original plan for Atlas was to turn him face on ECW after Mark Henry turned on him but that was changed once they went with sending Henry to RAW as a face.

– The deal with Dolph Ziggler and the Intercontinental Title is that when Rey Mysterio was unhappy several weeks back, he was promised a nice title reign and not a quick one where he loses it right back and not a reign where he wins the belt and on TV he loses to everyone and never gets any wins back. The decision for Dolph to win the belt at Night of Champions was changed after Vince told Rey he would get a bona-fide title run.

  • nottingham

    Ya know i’m amazed that anyone would honestly think Johnny Nitro has paid his dues to be a world title guy…. Again, this might be the difference in some of us being old timers (i.e. over 30) but just because you’ve been with the company for five years doesn’t make you a guy who’s ready for main event status.

    geez folks, how long did randy savage have to toil in mid-cards before he earned the right for a title? And he was infinitely more suited for the role then a John Morrison is…

    John Morrison should be a US or IC title guy right now… Him holding a world title only demeans it as he hasn’t really earned it yet. Now that’s not knocking him, it’s just saying he’s got some more road to cover before he’s a true world title guy.

  • Shawn

    I agree Morrison’s mic skill could use some fine tuning, especially if he is to remain a face. The style of his speech and the things he says worked very well while he was teaming with Miz as a heel. I’d also agree he should be in the main event picture competing for the Heavyweight title, but I don’t see that happening unless Hardy does indeed take some time off after SummerSlam and Punk regains the belt. Not sure how a Punk/Morrison program would play out, but it could possibly help further establish them as heel and face, respectively.

  • brody

    Morrison’s skill in the ring is undeniable, but his mike work needs some serious help. He’s shown that he has the ability to pull off some amazing matches, but I think his talents on the microphone need definite work. Ziggler makes an awesome heel, I think both these guys should be main eventing shows, and they definitely should be fighting over a title. Mysterio doesn’t need a title to keep his popularity up.

  • Tom… just Tom

    Dolph’s time will come soon enough. I think WWE needs to develop his character a little more (not much, though) and Rey does deserve a lengthy title reign for once. And as far as John Morrison is concerned, he should be in the World title picture. he’s paid his dues for sure and has the talent and charisma.

  • jaybee

    Whoever doesn’t think Morrison shouldn’t be a main eventer just doesnt know shit. I for one am feeling the face turn and think it fits his exciting style more than beeing a heel.

  • Doug

    Agreed on Morrison as a face. Just doesn’t work for me another rushed and forced face turn. Keeping him heel would have made more sense IMO. No complaints about his in ring ability.

  • nottingham

    Only problem I have with Morrison is that his mic work as a face has been horrible from what i’ve seen. His character really doesn’t lend itself much to being a face…

    The promo he cut on Friday before the match with Hardy just seemed forced to get out.

    As for the IC title… I don’t understand the point of putting the IC title on a main event guy ever. The specific point of that belt is to build someone up to the next level. Also, how about giving it to someone and letting them run with it for awhile.

    I’m sure Rey wasn’t promised a long IC title run. I’m sure he wanted a world title run. So i would get it off him asap and use him for a world championship now that you’re missing folks.

  • Kevin

    In my opinion, John Morrison should already be in the WWE/Heavyweight title hunt and not just a midcarder anymore. He’s great on the mic, sensational in the ring, and he’s definately paid his dues in the WWE. It’s hard to believe he was a Tough Enough contestant years ago. It seems like forever ago. Wasn’t a fan when he was Johnny Nitro, but the John Morrison character really took off after he was ECW champion.

  • Shawn

    I’m not surprised, but they really should have put the belt on Ziggler. Here’s how I see it: Rey will be one of the most popular Superstars in WWE regardless of whether or not he has a title. Ziggler, while so far, playing a great heel, could probably use the prestige of a title to take his character to the next level. Also, I’d love to see a Ziggler/Morrison program for the Intercontinental Title. It would be very entertaining and a good stepping stone for either or both to eventually move up to the Heavyweight Championship.