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– Dixie Carter wrote the following on Twitter yesterday about the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view: “HardCORE Justice pay-per-view card looks amazing. Not sure who Tommy is going to announce. Stay tuned.”

– Former ECW names believed to be confirmed for TNA’s Hardcore Justice pay-per-view include Jerry Lynn, 2 Cold Scorpio, Sandman, Sabu, Johnny Swinger and Bill Alphonso.

It’s confirmed that Tajiri, Super Crazy, Amish Roadkill and Lance Storm won’t be appearing.

Stars from the original ECW roster that are still active in wrestling include Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, Chris Hamrick, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Justin Credible, The Blue Meanie, CW Anderson, Danny Doring, Kid Kash, Guido, Spike Dudley and Steve Corino.

Former ECW stars who are currently working in TNA scheduled to appear include Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, Al Snow, Simon Diamond, Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards and Team 3D.

  • Al

    where is MASATO TANAKA???

    didnt chris hamrick try to kill himself week ago?

  • Jay

    She said the card looks amazing, but she has no idea who Dreamer is going to announce. She runs a pretty tight ship over there it seems.

  • Treg

    Justin Credible is still considered active? I thought he was working a retail store these days.

  • Donners

    @ governor of connecticut

    ECW = Eric Cartman Wrestling….. i know you probably never meant for it to work like that, but i laughed anyway!!

  • scott

    I think people forget that ECW wasn’t just about the weapons and the blood and the gore – sure they were a huge factor – but ECW had real storylines. The gimmicks (some set up by Heyman) were original, pop culture and appealed to people at the time. Wasn’t it Heyman who created the Stone Cold character? Perhaps TNA will mess this up – perhaps they wont. Perhaps some of you people who hate TNA so much could actually stop watching and stop posting on internet forums.
    Fact is, TNA is going to attempt to do this PPV. It will either be good or bad. Until it happens.. No one will know.
    When it has happened and you have watched it make your opinion – knowing you are still giving your money to a company you hate so much.

  • RaTeD R

    what is the point of this, its been done

  • Zach V

    You forgot to mention Sandman Sabu Jerry Lynn Nova New Jack Johnny Swinger Juventud Guerrera Psichosis

  • grizz

    If ECW and the wrestlers there were so great,then wouldn’t they still be in business? Well it’s not so what does that tell you? They suck.

  • governor of connecticut

    see this is why TNA sucks well first yea its in the impact zone but its not anything i would want to see. Well im wondering how Tna is making their income because the company has not gone under and Dixie Carter would rather talk about the ECW orignals than the other people that have been working for her. I think Eric Cartman can do a better job running TNA

  • Raziel

    Tell the Sandman to stay his old ass at home, he hasn’t “wrestled” in years.

  • D21

    It suxs that Tajiri and Super Crazy have decline to appear

  • the real wrestling god

    Hardcore Justice is gonna fail especially since it’s in the impact zone.

  • AnarKaye

    In the preview commercial on TNA’s website they show Sabu, Sandman and Jerry Lynn to name a few. If you never saw an RVD vs Lynn match you’re missing out. The one where Lynn broke his eye socket was insane.

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