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Update on the WrestleMania 27 Card, WWE’s Gorgeous George DVD, More

– Devin sent the following: One Pro Wrestling has booked Kevin Nash for their May 28thshow which will also feature Sean Waltman. The show will take place from the Deeside Leisure Center in Queensferry in the United Kingdom.

– WWE has began posting biographies of the WWE All Stars game roster on the website. The first two are The Rock and Randy Savage.

– WWE’s DVD on Hall of Famer Gorgeous George is currently scheduled to be released on June 7th.

– Vince McMahon reportedly signed off on the entire WrestleMania 27 card last week. Besides the matches that have been reported, we don’t know what the undercard looks like yet.

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  • John

    This might surpass Wrestlemania 9 as the worst WM of all time. Miz, Barret, and Del Rio are all gonna be in main event matches. Two of those men weren’t even on WM last year and the other was in the 5 min opening tag match. Remember the good old days where the wwf/wwe would actually slowely build up their stars before they became main eventers? It took guys like HBK, Edge, and HHH 4 or 5 years before they were considered stars. Now you debut, win the royal rumble, and main event Wrestlemania all in one year.

  • TomC

    So no one things NASH or Booker T will be involved at all ??

  • Buttercastle

    Also a Lawler vs Cole match wouldn’t even last as long as a diva match.

  • Rich

    100 bucks says that all these people dissing wrestlemania this year would watch it if STING and CHRISTIAN were at the event

  • Rich far as undertaker is concerned it will be him vs barrett at mania with the nexus taking on the core and orton taking on punk..and kong taking on whoever is the divas champion

  • Rich

    @trevor..we all know whos gonna be in the mitb this year john morrison evan bourne santino marrella dolph ziggler vladimir koslov evan bourne jack swagger dolph ziggler

  • Rich

    @ trevor..they won’t unify the titles at mania cuz that would result in less superstars becoming world champions

  • trevor

    I can see the following happen…
    Fatal fourway for the unification of the World and WWE championships…Miz, Cena, Del Rio and Edge..
    Undertaker and Big Show vs. Barrett and Jackson
    Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler
    Orton vs. Punk
    MITB ladder match featuring 8 stars
    IC title match
    US title match

  • Edge-3000

    I would be nice to see Cena out of the title picture at Wrestlemaina. He has already won the title like 3 times at the event.

  • CM Lopez

    This year won’t have much suspense or surprise…I mean just look at the two championship matches being rumored….Del Rio/Edge and Miz/Cena. It’s cut and dry and with an imminent Lawler/Cole program as well.

    Throw in a MITB match and a divas match….it’s starting to look meager at best.

  • mark

    From what ive seen so far this years wrestlemania will be one of the weakest cards!!