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Update On Tonight’s Royal Rumble PPV (Contains Spoilers)

— Multi-time champion Booker T has arrived to Boston, Massachusetts for tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He is expected to participate in tonight’s 40-Man Royal Rumble Match.

— “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is expected to appear at tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view as he is in town for an autograph signing with fellow former WWE talent Carlito.

— Christian was flown into Boston for tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. It is presently unclear what his role at the event will be. It should be noted that he isn’t wearing his arm in a sling. He has been sidelined since September due to a torn pectoral muscle.


  • dx

    effmenow where can i watch the pay per view?

  • RKOmonster

    @ MJ

    no its not dude. Nash willl give a run for your money. He will probably bring attitude back into the WWE. Better than what the Miz does. tsk tsk

  • Chandler

    Kong should be in the rumble

  • Nick

    dang rusty thats a good idea itd make for a good story 2


    nash for gm!!!!

    im more excited about booker t, he has always been gold, wether its in a comedy role or as a champion.

  • speed_demon

    @ Daniel Schein “Tonight I’d have her destroy all three Diva’s and anyone else who comes to make the save.”

    That’s exactly how I think Awesome Kong (or whatever her ring name will be) will debut tonight. It keeps the title on Natalya too.

  • mj

    nash and miz thats sadder then lawler vs miz

  • Nick

    Remember awhile ago Nash was talking about The Miz winning the belt? Maybe he may interfere in the WWE Title match and begin a feud with The Miz.

  • Daniel Schein

    I don’t know man the ppv has an air of mystery and excitement around it. I think the 40 man concept will be a success and a really good match as usual only slightly longer. Also although the shock factor is gone now we know Nash and Booker will be returning for the first time in several years…..maybe not a good thing in the long run but short term it’s exciting. Just earlier this day I thought Nash was a lock for a TNA return. Awesome Kong may also debut later tonight not to mention several other possible appearances. Edge and Ziggler match up well and should put on a great match. I’m sure Edge will be competing for the Title at Mania but it will be interesting to see if the Ziggler feud carries into that ppv or if he works with Del Rio. Miz and Orton should be solid although predictable in that I see no way Miz doesn’t carry the gold into the big show. If Kong does debut I hope she isn’t paired with Laycool as I feel the best way to introduce her is as a wrecking ball heel who doesn’t discriminate and plows through every Diva on both shows leading to the title. A mouthpiece isn’t a bad idea at some point though. Tonight I’d have her destroy all three Diva’s and anyone else who comes to make the save.

  • OD2

    I Going To Wait Until It Released In 720p Quality And Enjoy Another PPV Free Of Charge !!!

  • effmenow

    Somehow, Some way….. WWE will fuckk this ppv up. I hope Im wrong. I’ll be watching an illegal stream of the show. I’d advise you all to do the same.