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– It’s reported Triple H will be more involved in the TV side of things in the coming weeks, a role he was familiar with during WWE’s last overseas tour.

There was said to be a much more relaxed environment with Triple H running things, as opposed to when Vince McMahon does.

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  • SaveUs.150FPS


  • Paton

    he’s being doing the same crap for 10 years, it got boring 5 years ago and that’s being generous. Cena over HHH any day.

  • Rated_R1982

    if triple h is responsible for those sick jokes those two irresponsible jerks Lawler and Cena made about Vickie Guerrero on Monday night he would be better off in front of the camera even if he is a title hog I’d rather have him as a title hog than a writer

  • nnla

    He will be in the limelight whether he is backstage or in front of the camera. But if he’s going to be better backstage and allow the show the move forward and not backward then he belongs backstage. It’s probably why they are bringing in HBK so HHH has someone who will help the company and knows what it needs to make it actual entertainment again.

  • http://www.lasvegazine.com Mister Near Perfect

    As long as he stays backstage, fine. He’s hogged the limelight long enough, thanks to marrying the bosses daughter. I’m sick of the whole spitting water/sledgehammer thang.


    I hope he stays backstage, I’m tired of HHH in the spotlight because it usually involves him being champion.

  • Bazerko

    I thought HHH’s only duties backstage were to keep giving Vince grand babies…..

  • Clara711

    I can’t wait to see Trips spit water again! How does he do it?!

  • Trixie

    You mean SLEDGEHAMMER?

  • SaveUs.150Fps

    LOL what the hell is a sleadehammer?!

  • damkat

    I would much rather see him backstage running things and making the storylines better. The WWE needs to become more entertaining and create stroylines without destroying them a couple weeks later.

  • me

    i dont miss him, hes almost as stale and repetitive as cena. ALMOST.

  • Shane

    Triple H is hands down, one of my favorite wrestlers. Its good to see he is running the show. He is really The King of Kings.

  • Misfit

    What the hell is a sleadehammer? Lol

  • Andy

    When is he returning to the ring ? Miss him and his trusty sidekick !! His ” sleadehammer ” !!!!!!

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