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– Christy sent word that Mattel has stated there are no plans for a separate WCW line of action figures but they are at least considering doing something WCW related in the future.

– WWE has released new “old school” themed t-shirts and hats on their shop website including the old WWF block logo, WCW, WrestleMania, Survivor Series, RAW is WAR, SummerSlam and more.

– It was announced at the WWE show in Boston, yesterday at the TD Garden that tickets for the Royal Rumble will go on sale this coming Saturday.

– Word is that Triple H has not fully recovered from biceps surgery. His match with Alberto Del Rio at the WWE Fan Appreciation event was described as “safe.” Triple H wrestled in jeans and a t-shirt and has slimmed down.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • tC-killer27

    yeah he had knee injuries and this is the first time he has biceps injury.. i saw the fan appreciation show and damn he looked very different.. whiter, a lil skinny like he’s diabetic lol but he’s still one of my favorites i hope he really comes back soon to whoop nexuses ass

  • Jon-Jon

    Yea it’s always been his legs and muscles. Never an actual bone to my knowledge.

  • kyle

    hes never had like a bone or something its always nbeen his quad this is the first time its his arm am if im not correct?

  • drizzt73

    Triple HHH is one of my favorites, but when athletes are having constant issues with muscles, that is a red flag for roids. Their muscles are bigger than what their body was intended to support. I am not a **** hater. It is just what I have read.

  • Rich

    Shut The Fuck Up You Haters…Geez..Do You Guys Have To Hate On Everyone

  • Mark

    so i guess the WWE wellness policy doesnt apply to him then due to him being the boss’s son in law

  • andre lewis

    i believe hhh has used roids because if you look at him in his early wwe days he was big but small he kinda had a similar build as john morrison being buff but not a huge meathead like cena or batista hhh had gained alotta weight in late 05 when he returned from a hiatus he was also really chubby in 06 by early 07 when he left 4 injury he was still chubby it wasnt until his 07 return at summerslam that he came back bigger then ever his body in 07 08 was almost like it was in 00 when he was ripped but yes i do think he did roids at some point because you can work out and have an average physique goldberg is an example he was strong as hell but he wasnt a guy with huge biceps and pectoral muscles he had an average physique hhh used roids same as lex luger buff bagwell hogan believe it or not scott steiner never used roids and his arms were bigger then anybody in the nwo

  • CC

    In other words he hasnt been able to train due to an arm injury.

  • keylo

    in other words, he is off the roids

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