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– The Viva La Lucha promotion has a pay-per-view that will begin airing on February 11th. Just some of the matches taped that will be airing include Shelton Benjamin, Big Daddy V & Hernandez vs. Blue Demon, Mesias & Booker T as well as Konnan, Damian 666 & Halloween vs. Super Crazy, Charlie Haas & Tommy Wilson. Former WWE Diva Jackie Gayda-Haas will also be in action.

– Dolph Ziggler was in attendance for last night’s Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detroit Pistons basketball game.

– Vader’s son Jesse White is apparently still looking at getting a WWE developmental deal. White has wrestled a few times with his dad in Japan for the Vader Tyme promotion. Both Vader and Jesse were signed to the promotion in Florida that was rumored to be launching last year and ended up falling through. Officials from that company were going to push White as one of their top stars as they felt you need a home-grown superstar and were impressed with what they saw of him in Japan.

– There is said to be no heat on Randy Orton for CM Punk’s nose being broken in the opener of this past Monday’s RAW.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


    oh no, I would of never guess Orton would have no heat on him for that.

  • CM Mark

    I think it shows that Punk and Orton are becoming equals in the company. Neither guy probably wanted anything more to come of it. I dare say Orton probably apologized to Punk afterwards.

  • In Grind We Crust

    why would there even be heat on Orton? Shit happens, it was an accident for pete’s sake.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    It’s obvious that it was an accident. Why would Orton be reprimanded for that? It also shows Punk’s character; he knows that stuff like this happens.

  • KennyD

    I don’t really believe that there should be any heat on Orton anyway for breaking Punk’s nose .. In the wrestling business; accidents do happen and Everyone who wrestles knows this … It is just a fact of the business and a risk that those who wrestle take.

    Don’t really care about Dolph Zigler. He is a pompus A** out of the ring as well as inside. Have no idea as to why the WWE is giving him the continued push. I think they will bring his brother in and maybe make them a Tag Team.

  • adam

    ya kenndy got fired because everytime they wanted to push him he got hurt. Then when he was finally healthy he had problems with half the locker room.

  • david said so

    and stop saying it was only orton who got him fired he didnt work good in matches he had problems with undertaker edge cena tons of wrestlers so next time get your facts straight undertaker had the last call on weather he was goin r leaving

  • david said so

    if anything it was punks nose not ortons foot lol

  • kamoteng kahoy

    agree w/ cm punk is my god. i hope wwe gives vader’s son a chance.

  • CiB

    The Rey/Rhodes storyline is more about Rhodes vanity not letting him show up with a messed up face and thus percieving the injury to be much worse than it actually is. Thats his character.

  • mark

    why should there be heat on Orton, was an accident!!!

  • speed_demon

    Kind of wondering how they are going to play out the Cody Rhodes storyline with Rey Mysterio now….

  • slim

    Kennedy being fired was no loss. He was an injury prone dope head.

  • Reservoir Dog

    Cuz Punk ain’t a crying b*tch as Orton. For less than that he got Kennedy fired.

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