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Update on Who’s Playing Suicide, Hulk Hogan & Rent-A-Center

Partial source:

– Hulk Hogan will be joining former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman as a “power personality” for Rent-A-Center. Hogan is scheduled to start being a pitchman for the company later this month.

– The man behind the Suicide mask at this weekend’s TNA live events is Frankie Kazarian. The Suicide character is still planned to be kept but other names are under consideration for the role. It was believed before that Kiyoshi would be playing the role but apparently other names are still under consideration.


    when r they going to make the SUICIDE costume i want 1 so bad & they should put PAUL LONDON to ply SUICIDE

  • Suicidefan

    Am I the only one who like the Suicide character? I think it would have been better to use someone like Sonjay Dutt over Kaz anyway but still…

  • jimbobjones

    they should get a dead guy to play suicide i mean if you think about it it would be perfect

  • Scooter

    why the fuck is dillberg still on here ban his ass its morons like him that got commenting banned originally also I guess seeing edge and bret spurs you on Dillberg?

  • Venom

    Masked Kane and unmasked Kane is the same person. festus was the fake masked Kane 4 years ago.

    I don’t think that is a chick.

  • stockshark

    Damm thats cold!!! Which sets bigger the ones in front or in back!!! Back T*tties nice!!!

  • Flying Papa Schmaps

    Dillberg, your girlfriend has big t*ts because she is 400 lbs. Tell her to lay off the Popeyes.

  • timmydreamer

    Um, Keiichi Yamada has always been the person who portrayed Jushin Liger. Jericho faced him as “Super Liger”.

  • Keith Learmonth

    SirReal: You are clearly stuck in a world of the surreal, as evidenced by your name. Glenn Jacobs has always been kane. The reason kane had the mask at all was because they didn’t want anyone to realise he was Isaac Yankem DDS.

  • Flying Papa Schmaps

    Venom, that was actually quite funny…sad, but funny. The suicide character just hurt Kaz, he wasn’t allowed to do his best move, the flux capacitor, as TNA thought they could keep his identity a secret by giving him a Cena-esque set of moves(bland and stale). Hopefully, the Suicide character can die quicker than Monday Night Raw with all these awful guest hosts. I can’t wait until Michael Vick hosts Raw and he fights Jericho in a “dead dog on a pole” match.

  • SirReal

    correction venom masked kane wasn’t played as glen jacobs(the kane now)

  • Venom

    Suicide should have an enterance like Owen Hart, and somebody should cut the cable. There’s a good way to write him off.

  • marcum

    i think suicide is really kool but when he is “diddipearing” the lights stay off for war to long

  • Corey

    Venom, if you don’t recall, Jushin Liger (arguably Japan’s biggest star) was played by multiple people, including Chris Jericho once. Also, many Mexican wrestlers do the same thing as a way to keep their family’s lineage alive.

  • edgehead15

    Anyone who wears the suicide suit is obviously gettin punished. I just think they need to get a n angle where suicide goes. Maybe he actually commits suicide. I know that’s a very very edgy angle but hey the guy needs to go

  • Venom

    Maybe they should keep one guy as suicide. One guy was Kane, one guy was Mankind, one guy was Vader, now three guys are suicide.