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Update on Paige’s WWE return

We noted before how Paige visited the WWE Performance Center last week and her visit kick-started all kind of rumors about why the former Diva’s Champion was there.

Later it was reported that Paige has already been cleared to return to the ring by WWE Doctors and she was simply training to get back in ring shape on the PC.

Now a new report from Pwinsider has revealed that the former Champion is expected to return to in-ring action within the next month. Furthermore, it’s being said that she would be joining the SmackDown Live Brand.

Though currently there is no news on when she will exactly return to the ring and if she would also make her comeback on WWE TV within the next month.

What the officials have in store for her is not revealed either so it’s hard to say what role she will have on the SD Live Roster once she returns.

  • Sparti Love

    And she’s joining the show that ADR was originally drafted too!

  • MindTricked

    Thing is, they can’t really ignore the elephant that’s going to be in the room. Best thing they can do is have them acknowledge each other in an extremely uncomfortable way (with humor), and move on.

  • unknown183

    Just like how we see the same matches on every show brand in the WWE. Did you see the next PPV card? Total snooze fest. Same rehashed matches. Ughh.

  • unknown183

    Stick with leaking more videos Paige you’re so much better at what you do in those videos than in the ring. WWE is not that creative these days. You’re better off and you’ll probably make more money doing so.

  • CC

    As long as they finally decide what they want her to be. She seemed to be the Big Show of the womens division last time, one week face, one week heel, next week not sure which … etc etc etc

    Either book her as a face or book her as a heel, stop flip flopping her.
    Smackdown does need a stronger character in the division right now, and Paige would be perfect for that. That said, I would love to see Paige vs Bliss on Raw.

  • CC

    The update on her return is that there is no update? This is the same stuff we see in every single story on this. Nothing new.

  • Juan Dupouy Cort├ęs

    in SD … with the new day… with xavier woods … wwe you re so evil

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I just really want to see her back in the ring, love her or hate her shes one of the best female wrestlers in the wwe and i think she would do well against some of the new talent that have come in since her injury like Bayley (whos been booked horribly since her debut)