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Update on Plans for the Orton-ADR, HBK on Flair Wrestling, Rhodes

– Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes is now taking bookings for seminars with local independent wrestling groups. For more information e-mail

– Shawn Michaels took fan questions on Twitter this weekend and was asked if he was “even slightly” annoyed at Ric Flair wrestling again after their WrestleMania 24 Career Threatening Match. HBK replied:

“Not even slightly.”

Shawn also confirmed that Flair asked him permission to wrestle again.

– We noted before that the Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio feud may end at WWE’s TLC pay-per-view but word is that their 2 of 3 Falls Match at last week’s RAW may have been the end.

  • Jimbo

    As long as Orton is stuck in a feud with ADR, he can’t bury anyone else.

  • Shawn

    Please tell me the boring match on Raw was the END! I, personally, thought it had ended about a month ago, but apparently I was wrong. Even worse, I bet WWE will just go back to Barrett/Orton and Mysterio/ADR feuds again. You know, because it’s been just so damn long since we saw those feuds. /end_sarcasm

  • Sam Peters

    it would make sense to end the fued as they did but if they want to keep Orton and Del Rio in a high profile match then maybe add them to the WHC match or something