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Update on Plans for The Rock vs. John Cena, WWE-Twitter, More Live SmackDown Specials?

– While WWE is going through a Twitter craze right now, all the Twitter talk that The Rock did on Monday’s RAW was on his own and not something WWE told him to do. Both Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn have been reminding talents right before RAW goes on the air about Twitter.

– WWE officials are talking with SyFy about doing more live Tuesday SmackDown specials in early 2012 to build WrestleMania 28.

– Current plans have neither The Rock or John Cena going into WrestleMania 28 as WWE Champion, so their match won’t be for a title. Plans several months ago when it was first announced had the match being for the WWE Title.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • W.cares

    What people who have an actual issue with Cena dont realise is that WWE is not stupid. The Cenation will buy Cenas shirts caps etc cause they are fans and like John Cena. The other side of the coin is that people are buying CM Punk/The Rock/Triple H cause they want to send a “message” they dont like Cena. Newsflash WWE are laughing cause idiots are buying tickets to their shows just to abuse Cena buying his rivals shirts to show “hate” towards him and not clicking onto the fact they are making the WWE money thus John Cena will keep being used in the main events for YEARS to come.

    Heres what will happen. Rock will beat Awesome Truth and make Cena look bad. Cena will beg to face him before WM and more then likely add a stipulation to their match. In return Cena will quit WWE and sign a contract banning him from making another comeback if he loses at WM28. Cena will beat the Rock at Wreslemania and it will be in a way that he “earns” Rocks respect and Cena will become a proper face again because of it

  • sam

    @Tombstonepiledriver i agree that they should turn cena heel as the rock does not get any boos even when doing a heel move whereas cena gets boos trying to do the right thing, it makes sense

  • ep1zon3

    well honestly speaking i havnt watched a wwf ppv in ages, and the last time i watched wwf t.v. was when stone cold and the rock were still aorund, no offense to other wrestlers or the wwf product itself, but when i saw them pushing jeff hardy n edge as face of product i lost touch. but i did recently start watchin wwe again weekly recently when c.m punk had his mic cut off when he was talkin about vince mcmahon and the direction of the company. in other words i am interested again, but also in other words if they are going to force feed a certain product down the fans throughts, then i def wont watch, if we had super great talents like back in days{experienced people} and great creativy i would be as crazy for the product as you guys are, but the same ol super cena over legendary rock n to think they wanted it to be for the wwe title says alot, and im good with that i rather get entertained elsewhere

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    ^^^ Just cause you dont wanna see it dont mean nobody does. And you say you dont wanna watch that but I bet you would.

  • ep1zon3

    @steve, couldnt agree with you any more. It would be great to have cena be a super heel, vs a super legend in Rock. This way no matter the outcome fans will enjoy and it will solidify each wrestlers legacy, and besides cena is hated too much as a face right now, and it doesnt matter about the haters because the rocks legendary status will be untouched, cena is no where near rocks status. so if cena as face beats legendary rock it will just be another ordinary day, but if cena is a super heel and hated and beats the legend, much more respect and admiration, and a good show for fans. but on the other hand, what better way to end the main event with rock laying the smacka-down on his fruity pebble roody poo candy a**

  • Steve

    I sure as hell hope the plan right now is to turn Cena heel leading into the match. I don’t want to watch a face vs face match and I certainly don’t want to see a heel Rock versus Super Cena match. Just not worth it. Do the right thing, WWE.

  • venom

    HBK is done with wrestling. As JR says never say never.

  • bonerjams

    I doubt hbk will coming back to wrestle

  • cameron

    thats the dumbest suggestion ever

  • Josh

    Put the title on Punk and have Rhodes win the rumble and cgallenge Punk have DNryan cash in against Ortin and win clean. WM 28 could have Bryan leave as champ and either Punk/Ehodes leave as champ abd The Rock lay the smack down on Cena’s candy ass! ADR could face the deaman and maybe we could have a DX reunion to deal with Awesome Truth…