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Update on Plans for WWE’s Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View

– Kane vs. Randy Orton was originally scheduled to be a cage match at WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Another match in the works for Extreme Rules is Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Title.

The plan last week was to put Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title on the card but Daniel Bryan was given the 2 of 3 Falls Match last night on SmackDown.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Ant

    gorilla i think i speak for everyone when i say youre a moron

  • Gorilla

    Oh and orton your not a viper your a deserter to the marine core and your best days are gone

  • Gorilla

    WTF EVERY YEAR WWE HAS BASICALLY SAME MATCHES FROM MANIA CROSS OVER TO EXTREME RULES WTF I THOUGHT MANIA WAS WHERE FEUDS ENDED AND DAY AFTER WE MOVE FORWARD kane needs retire and take big show with him rhodes needs his push henry go bore TNA’s fans Barret Bryan Ziggler this is there year punk sheamus continue your path miz rtruth y2j its time go foley regain your dignity lawler cole for sake of show grow up and call show with meaning instead of arguing and saying stupid shit HHH to what vince is scared of think outside the box HBK visit us when you can Taker continue streak Cena step your game up Rock be back for summerslam lesnar dont sell out again

  • Jimbo

    What is going on with Rhodes anyway? Why is WWE undoing all his work from the last year? Did he take a shit on the hood of Vince’s car or something?

  • Best In The World

    give the title back to d-bryan now

  • JayHawk

    I think Rhodes will be the break out star this year. I like his gimmick it is not old and not stale. Let him win his belt back clean at extreme rules then put him in money in the bank and let him shin this year and a mania next year win the title.

  • Ant

    rhodes deserves to be world heavyweight champion more than wade barrett does

  • Ant

    i think they should give rhodes a new gimmick like a bad boy type gimmick to get him more over as a heel like have him dress in all black and start kicking ass

  • Dave

    Just as long as he doesn’t get buried under the return of Lesnar.

  • this is the year of cody rhodes i promise u