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Update On Proposed Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust Match, WWE Title Praised By GQ

— Cody Rhodes’ inclusion in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match at Elimination Chamber squashes the proposed bout against Goldust at the pay-per-view event. Though the brother vs. brother bout could still take place at WrestleMania XXVIII, Vince McMahon was against the idea as recently as a few weeks ago.

GQ has named the WWE Championship one of the best sports trophies of all-time.

They wrote of the title: “When it comes to gaudy title belts, boxing has nothing on professional wrestling. Boxing’s look like something stolen from the uniform closet of a Third World dictator. WWE’s is modeled after the old-school solid-fake-gold title belt that Ric Flair used to rock. Wooo!!!”

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  • Derek

    They def meant the World Title

  • kamala’s foot


    and they are still expensive.

  • Jon

    Wtf are they talking about the belt being a fake piece of gold? Do tehy know how damn expensive those belts really are?

  • herbert

    people forget goldust is a 3 time ic title holder he jsat has been booked like bad joke in ahorror movie for yeas

  • venom

    I think Cody vs Goldust is a step backwards for Cody. I think the best WWE title is the attitude era belt.

  • bc mitchell

    The article clearly says Vince is opposed to the damn match.

  • Austin316

    I dont want to be goldust vs rhodes so thank you vince, this is codys time to shine, he is fighting for the world title, than you want him fighting goldust…yeah no..

  • Jason

    The WHC looks way better than the WWE title. The Winged Eagle was a good look but the flat version of it kinda sucked a bit

  • PinkSinCara

    They must have meant the World championship

  • CC

    Modeled after the belt worn by Flair?
    Since when did Flair wear a god awful bling piece of shit?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I am sure he wore the much better looking winged eagle design.