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Update on Punk Possibly Wrestling Austin and Undertaker

– Despite all the recent hype, there are people within WWE and close to Steve Austin who do not believe an Austin vs. CM Punk match will happen, even at WrestleMania 30. People close to Austin note that not only is he recovering from major knee surgery, his body is banged up worse than is being let on, he’s 47 years old with major neck issues and he’s not really jonesing to wrestle again.

Internally, all of the Austin-Punk references are strictly to hype the WWE ’13 video game.

On a related note, all the talk of “respect” is being done to set up a potential Punk vs. The Undertaker match.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • D2K

    To address the Austin situation, I don’t buy any of that nonsense at all. It’s the same thing we have heard for the past 9 years. If Austin can film action sequences doing a lot of his own stunts and take occasional bumps from wrestlers, he can wrestle “A” match. No one is asking for him to sign a full-schedule contract and wrestle 60-minute Iron-Man matches every night.

    People act like Austin will fall to pieces if he meerly steps in a wrestling ring. He hasn’t wrestled since 2003 not so much because he can’t, but because he hasn’t WANTED to. I heard him say himself that even if the neck injury never happened he would have retired around the same time he did anyway. He only came back in 2003 to make amends for the way he left in 2002 and to put The Rock over at Mania.

    It doesn’t even have to be a regular wrestling match. It could be a ‘street-fight.’ Austin wouldn’t be anymore at risk than Bret Hart was when he wrestled McMahon at Wrestlemania 28 and he has far worse permanent nerve damage from his stroke. At worst, Punk would not be able to use GTS on Austin. Big deal.

    If it were against someone like Lesnar or Taker I would say no way because their offense is too ‘smash-mouth.’ They wouldn’t really be able to do anything to him with possibly injuring him. Against a small like Punk, very low-impact. I don’t know if the match will happen or not, I just wanted to show that there is no reason for it not to.

  • D2K

    I’d rather see Brock/Taker or even Cena/Taker. I’d have a hard time buying CM Punk as a threat to the Undertaker. He just isn’t on his level yet. At this point in his career taker should only be in the ring with people whom have a ‘presence’ that can match his.

    HBK, HHH,The Rock, Austin, Brock, even Goldberg, but not CM Punk. He’s only been the top guy for a little less than a year. Plus, the Undertaker ENDS things. It would do much good for Punk to lose to Taker and I personally cannot see him jobbing to the likes of Punk.

    Instead of him possibly fighting him at HITC (and I know that he is just an insurance policy in case Cena is not healed by then) I think WWE should continue to build up Ryback as an unstoppable monster and have him face Punk at Wrestlemania 29. If Punk continues the way his is now he will be over as a MEGA-heel by then and if Ryback is the one whom puts an end to Punk’s reign at Wrestlemania is would be epic.

    It would be what SHOULD have happened when Goldberg beat Hogan on Nitro in 1998. That match should have been at StarrCade, GAB, or some major WCW PPV. If it was then WCW might have lasted a little bit longer.

    @Stumpy: I actually like your idea.

  • Stumpy

    feud* – hate when I mistype a word.

  • Stumpy

    The fued for “respect” would only be good if Taker returned as the American Bad Ass since it was that persona that always talked about respect. If he comes back as the Dead Man, it won’t make much sense.

  • Irishrhyno

    If it Taker/Punk happens at WM29 WWE will have gave us a big clue.On wwe inbox when asked when/if Takers streak will end Heyman said “whenever he faces Punk” and Punk said “Next year.”

  • KingAlbert

    Lol, i’d love to see Punk win, But Taker will hopping down to the ring with his walking frame undefeated at WM 40.

  • paul s

    Retire? Suck a Dick! I’m happy with undertaker appearing as a wrestlemania attraction, can u beat the deadman!?!? For no other reason than its one of the greatest wrestling characters of all time. And in the wrong hands undertakers atorylines could have been awfully executed. Taker is a legend. Punkdoesnt even have to beat taker to get his respect at mania, just take a hellof a beating and stand after it. Loved punks older matches with taker, smiling at himthe wholetime, love a bit of ring psychology. Who smiles at taker like??? Punks the next legend if they don’t squash his reign before he takes over cena. And on another note if wwe think they actually HAVE to tease a feud between Austin andpunk to sell games, they are idiots! Its a recreation of the attitude era! Its better thanthe fucking Dvds! !!

  • PinkSinCara

    K fine, Taker vs Punk. At least it’s somewhat refreshing despite having already happened. Then please Taker, RETIRE!! Don’t become a Ric Flair.

  • Dee durp

    I can’t help but feel incredibly disappointed if WWE are teasing Austin/Punk with the sole intention of shilling a video game. What a bummer that would be.

    The thought of another Punk/Taker feud is worrying. It took the guy two years and a lot of balls to recover after his last feud with Taker. I’d love to see them wrestle, I just hope he doesn’t get shit on again in the feud.