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Update on Randy Orton – Possible Pre-Existing Injury and Line-Up Changes

– It’s possible that Randy Orton’s back injury didn’t actually happen at last night’s SmackDown tapings in the Falls Count Anywhere Match against Wade Barrett. The match ended when Barrett threw Orton down a flight of stairs.

The scripted spot with Orton going down the stairs makes it appear that Orton had a pre-existing injury. Also, since the December 19th RAW, Orton has been put in positions where he hasn’t had to do a lot of physical work on TV.

As noted before, Sheamus will be taking Orton’s place in SmackDown live events this week against Barrett. There’s talk that one of the RAW brand live event matches will be moved over to the SmackDown tour to help beef up the line-ups.


  • kenn

    If it was a pre-existing injury this doesn’t surprise me. The guy does an RKO on EVERYTHING! The steps at Summerslam,a car,the table…

  • Phil Collins

    Like Snark Mark said yeah those guys are all out but thats when they should start pushing more talent on SD

  • AUSTIN316

    they will probably move miz and rtruth to smackdown

  • Kamala’s Foot


    He’s had a lot of injuries. One day he might end up like Edge.

  • Zane

    Bad thing about Ortan being injured is that he’ll return.

  • Its sucks he’s injured but on the bright side it gives some other talent room to shine

  • No1Coleminer

    I hope they play out Ortons injury as though barrat took him out and maybe blind faith, but id like to think Orton prolonged injury announcement to aid barrats credibility and help his heel push. i reckon orton took a nasty bump at tlc, there was a moment he grimaced unlike usual

  • RKO

    Randy i hope u back fast from the injury ..
    but i think it’s a story line from WWE then Orton will come back Heel & with a new theme to lesson for the new theme :


  • d

    Christian should be back real soon

  • luckysalt

    Orton has become stale, he’s been around for too long in a top position nearly 10 years. If this was the 90’s he’d have done well with a few years in WCW but he isn’t going to go TNA, dispite Bischoff wanting him and saying he’d be his number one pick.

    I just don’t care for Orton as a face anyway, but right now theres great heels in Ziggler, Miz, Henry and Del Rio so its hard for him

  • Snark Mark

    Chris Jericho can re-debut next week on Raw, but his talents are gravely needed on SD! With Rey, Christian and Randy all on the shelf the blue brand needs a more able bodied stars. Plus, Daniels v Jericho is a program I’d watch for months.

  • Adam

    @nate, not bad shout for him come back as a heel maybe could have him and Cena both joining forces as heels since alot of fans seem dislike them. Could lead some good storylines.

  • hope he retires 🙂

  • He needs to come back heel.

  • Adam

    Hope Randy recovers from his injury quickly and enjoys spending time off healing up and more importantly with his family