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Update on Possible Replacements for Rhodes, WWE-MSG Matches

– CM Punk vs. Ryback and John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler will headline WWE’s December 27th event at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

– Wade Barrett and Sheamus continued their feud on Twitter last night during SmackDown. Speaking of Barrett, he wrote the following about Cody Rhodes possibly not being ready for the Survivor Series match on Sunday:

“If Cody is unable to compete at Survivor Series, I hope this ‘Fandango’ guy makes himself available for selection. #MayI #CutIn”

For what it’s worth, we’ve heard Tensai, Jack Swagger and Fandango as rumored replacements for Rhodes.

  • Elbazzo

    @Diesel… if you mean bring Barrett in to replace Cody you’re a bit behind as he’s already in Team Ziggler when he replaced the Miz!

  • Jeremy

    Better than Fandango making his debut by randomly getting thrown into SS where’d he prob get no ring time

  • Best In The World

    swagger really lol

  • Jeremy

    He’s already on the team….got scouted by Heyman after Miz quit

  • Diesel

    This would be a perfect opportunity for them to bring Barrett in, they spent all this time building him up with his return but they just messed it up. Beating up jobbers & continuously getting pinned by sheamus isn’t exactly what you’d expect from somebody after all that hype.

    WWE is always worried about lack of star power, whether its injuries or when people like Rock go to promote his new movie or Jericho go on Tour with Fozzy, there’s always something. I say give the slot to Barrett and let him do his thing, the guys got all the talent in the world, yet they just don’t seem to grasp that concept and he just continues to take a backseat to people like Cena (which quite frankly got stale years ago in terms of his constant main event title shots) & Ryback (no offence to those who like him, he just hasn’t proved himself worthy of his monster push in my opinion).