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Update on reports of Michael Cole’s retirement

Last year there were reports of lead Commentator Michael Cole possibly retiring from his on-screen role in WWE and taking a backstage role in the company instead.

During the latest episode of PWInsider Elite Audio, Mike Johnson talked about the rumors and provided an update on immediate future of the Raw Commentator.

According to him, the talks of him possibly retiring have cooled down and in the recent times, he has not heard anything about Cole possibly taking himself off TV.

Not only that but he has moved to an advisory role and is considered the in charge of all the commentators whether they be from the main roster or NXT.

Apart from this Mike also talked about how Cole would have to retire or be pulled from television somewhere down the line but it doesn’t appear to be in near future.

  • MT McGee

    Unless Mauro wants to go back on the road, this is awful. I’m not a big fan of Cole, but who do you replace him with? Saxton is awful. Phillips ain’t exactly lighting the world on fire over on Smackdown. Scott Stanford couldn’t carry Raw. I heard a few years ago that WWE wanted to groom Renee Young to be an announcer, but she hasn’t made enough progress in that time for me to have any faith in her. On top of that, the last few months, Renee looks like she’s got lupus or is on chemo or something. She’s been way uggo lately.

  • Sarrkazztic

    In recent times Anutosh you suck at writing man. Go wait tables or something else ths game is not for you

  • pitfallharry219

    The only time I ever liked Cole as an announcer was when he was teamed with Tazz.

  • Steven Stevens

    I’d be ok with his retirement.