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Update on Reports of Sting Signing a Deal with WWE

– In regards to reports of Sting finally signing a deal with WWE, word is that WWE sent Sting his contract several days ago but as of Friday, he had not returned it.

The belief is both sides were on terms and an agreement is in place but as of Friday, pen to paper on Sting’s side had not been returned to WWE.

There is no indication of any serious hold-up, at least from the WWE side. Those in the company even before WrestleMania XXX were working with the impression that he was on board.


  • Adam

    True lol

  • Dave S.

    have any

  • Dave S.

    Did Dave Meltzer ever any credibility?

  • rabid

    True but at this point he may not even have a contract yet..this headline is becoming a huge rib .. first he signed he didnt next he was gonna debut at wm he didn then debut at raw .. he didn… not to mention the on again off again nature of him singning..they might as well say the stings first match will be on the moon in a punjabi prison match against hornswagle..

  • Shawn Bronald

    This is actually fairly standard, especially for a large company such as WWE and what is most likely a complicated and complex contract for Sting. Most likely Sting received the contract and has brought in his legal team to look it over before signing on the dotted line. In a situation like this, it could take over a week, especially if there are any questions or concerns about the literature. Once everything is ironed out, it could still take a day or two (especially over a weekend) for the contract to get back to Bristol. Not really news, but rather a formality.

  • Adam

    This is why Dave Meltzer has lost all credibility. He’s also the one who confirmed CM Punk was backstage and would be returning at the Raw in Chicago. I never believe anything anymore until it actually happens.

  • ddfindl

    “Sting has definitely signed a contract… I mean, wait… For real though, they sent him his contract but I guess FedEx is taking their sweet time delivering back to WWE headquarters or something. He’s for sure received it, but we can’t actually prove he signed it… Okay wait, um… Just keep checking back and see if we post anything else, you know you’re going to anyways.”

  • Solid

    They need to put out a “Sting is coming to WWE” story every week, that way if/when he does actually debut, people will really be surprised. 😛

  • CC

    He was sent his contract on Friday but hasnt returned it. Maybe thats because its the weekend, and they cant afford weekend courier rates … heh

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Every time you guys report that he’s signed, this is always right said a day or two later.