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Update on Reports of TNA Talents Being Paid Late

– As noted before, several TNA wrestlers have been receiving their pay late. The blame is now being put on Panda Energy, TNA’s parent company, as movement from their side appears to be “slow,” according to PWInsider. Their source that claimed to be six weeks behind was “being ridiculous” and the issues have been resolved since the initial report.

There still appears to be issues with third-party vendors getting paid but there’s definitely been some grumbling within the company.

One wrestler claimed that he knew of wrestlers who had been four weeks behind as of last week. The talent releases last week were all budgetary decisions.

Source: PWInsider

  • ddfindl

    Viacom would realize it isn’t a money-making venture and likely not even buy it in the first place.

  • StocktonJoe

    “The blame is now being put on Panda Energy …” So they’re blaming the Parent Company for what? Not transferring money to TNA’s account so they could meet payroll? That’s NOT the way you run a successful business. Tells me TNA is paying out too much money/not bringing in enough money. This is NOT Panda Energy’s fault.

    A. When a company fails to meet payroll on time, it’s NEVER a good sign.
    B. When a company fails to meet payroll on time, it’s NEVER the Parent Company’s “FAULT.” That’s like a spoiled child saying “it’s your fault because you didn’t give me any money.”

  • Will Henderson

    if TNA wants to survive, just let Viacom buy them out and let it be a Viacom company. at least if Viacom owned them, then they would be able to afford talent and compete with WWE.