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Update on Rey Mysterio Being Injured, Ryder Sends a Message to Vince

– Vince McMahon has yet to make his first tweet on Twitter but that didn’t stop Zack Ryder from sending him a message:

“Hey @VinceMcMahon…what do you think of my new trunks?”

Zack tweets to Vince

– Rey Mysterio’s knee is reportedly in bad shape but Dr. James Andrews has told him he can continue to wrestle, without having surgery, but will have to wear the new brace that we noted earlier in the week. Rey originally told WWE officials that he tore his knee up and was advised by a doctor that he would need surgery. Triple H advised Rey to visit Andrews and that’s where he was told he would not need surgery.

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  • Andrew

    You’re right. The next time I want a raise from my boss, I’ll leave strategic notes across my desk and on my work clothes instead of earning it and asking him like an adult.

  • Skip Becker

    It was self-promotion and badgering that got him is push the first time. Why wouldn’t he continue to do so?

  • Centurypromotion

    Zack Ryder need to be either fired or get him release never was and never will be a fan of him he can go to TNA a join the two douchbags look alike out there So they could for tna version of 3mb …. 3DB (3douchbag)

  • And he still wonder’s why he is now a jobber?

  • Andrew

    If I had an employee that badgered me in the way Zack Ryder does, I’d fire him immediately. Whining gets you no where, especially when it’s passive aggressive. Push him out the door, I say.