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Update on Rock Carrying the WWE Title, WWE Hiring, Billy Gunn

– Billy Gunn is currently in the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website.

– WWE is currently hiring for a new Vice President of WWE Kids Entertainment. They also are looking for a “Preditor/Creative Director” that would have “an amazingly creative person who has a proven track record of producing memorable promos, the ability to create buzz and the communication skills to successfully pitch ideas to a(sometimes daunting) audience.”

– We noted before that The Rock had the WWE Title with him at the GI Joe 2 premiere in South Korea earlier this week. Based on photos from the premiere in Sydney, Australia, Rock did not have the title with him there. The Rock is currently in London for another GI Joe premiere.

  • You can’t be serious. Do you really think going back to te Attitude Era would make WWE better? The reason WWE sucks now is not because of the PG, it’s because of stupid storylines, no building up new guys, and the same guys in the main event. The Attitude era was great in it’s time, but bringing it back would not be the magic solution to fix WWE.

  • Sam

    are you thick?

  • ok In have two little boys who love wrestling and I will only let them watch the wwe because It’s pg. tna is doing the attitude era thing so watch that if that’s what you want. people who don’t like the wwe pg ratings now don’t have kids or just don’t care what their kids watch

  • stockshark28

    Hiring someone for Kids programming hopefully WWE will split and have a kid friendly wrestling promotion called the WWE and the current promotion can go back to being called the WWF and be more like the Attitude era! We could hope!

  • Predator?