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Update on The Rock & Cena Teaming, JR Comments on Next Week’s RAW, Muppets

– Below is the preview for The Muppets hosting next week’s RAW Supershow:

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter last night regarding next week’s RAW in Atlanta: “If anyone w/ a brain thinks that next week in ATL @ RAW that between Cole & GM I have a chance in hell to come out ok you’re pet coon goofy.”

– As seen last night, WWE has decided on The Miz and R-Truth vs. The Rock and John Cena for Rock’s return to the ring at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Some time in the past few days, the decision was made to have just a tag team match instead of the 5-on-5 match that was originally planned.

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  • venom

    @The great One

    That’s because he makes his opponent look good without looking bad.

  • The Great One


  • The Great One

    I love Rock but im sick to the death of seeing him come back to fucking job out and help get guys over.WHEN DID HE LAST WIN ??

    He helped put Vrock over (after austin refused)
    He then came back and helped put evolution over.
    He has comeback now and will lose at SS and help put over Awesome Truth
    Then no doubt at Mania he will be forced to lose and put over Cena.

    Fucking sick of seeing the greatest of all time be treated like this just cause he is one of the good guys who does the job and doesnt complain.

  • Centerman

    Rock & Cena will loose that match. Some discord will occur to generate heat between the two. This will produce anticipation going towards the Mania match next year.

    As for Muppets… I hope my wife works late that night. She doesn’t need to see me watch this embarrassing fiasco.

  • philly655

    vince bums cena,, he aint loosin no mania, not to hogan teamin with the spirit of macho, andre, bulldog and pillman combined… #ALLMIGHTYDOLLAR

  • Time Machine

    Who cares who wins. My guess is it will be a Cena beat down on the rock. And then the Rock wins at mania. I cant see him jobbing to Cena. And really it may actually help Cena if he looses mania.

  • Sean Mooney

    Triple H/Punk at Vengeance*

  • Sean Mooney

    Miz and Truth can win, especially if Rock screws Cena at the end. Miz/Truth beat Triple/Punk at Vengeance.

  • nick

    rock nd cena vs 2 guys who have been jobbing since april… nice move. wonder who will win