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Update on The Rock Confronting John Cena, Wrestler Completes Rehab, NXT

– Stan sent word that there was 24 minutes and 46 seconds of in-ring action on this past Tuesday’s WWE NXT, up from the previous week.

– Former WWE star Zach Gowen revealed in a recent interview with Alex Marvez that he recently went through WWE sponsored rehab for drug and alcohol problems that got bad once he was released from the company back in 2004. Gowen, who still wrestles on the independents, thanked WWE’s Ann Russo-Gordon for saving his life as she is running the program. Gowen is also working as a stuntman in Hollywood, looking at writing a book and wants to be a motivational speaker.

– As noted before, The Rock said in his most recent video that he’s looking forward to confronting John Cena in a city where the fans chanted his name for the first time, and implied that he may meet Cena on an upcoming WWE pay-per-view. There’s speculation that The Rock was referring to New York City’s Madison Square Garden, which will host WWE’s Survivor Series in November of this year.

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  • Chryogenos

    Yep, It’s Definitely Chicago, this sunday…
    I’m happy for Gowen, He is one of those people that shows you how to pass life with one leg…

  • Marky Mark

    Gowen is still wrestling like every month in Michigan indies among elsewhere in the midwest. Didn’t know about him being in rehab.

  • rocky sucks

    who cares? they are both morons,but the rock is a joke. go chase vin diesel or leave a dollar bill under little girls pillows.

  • venom

    If Survivor Series is going to be at MSG, then I’ll definately be there.

  • Notingham

    Yeah.. it’s Chicago. I mean you think he cut a promo saying i can’t wait till wrestlemania… but i can wait till november? Geez… PS. Loved the wrestling with the uncle line.

  • CenaSucks

    Before Mania, when they were in Chicago, he said that was where it all started for The Rock, and that was where The Rock was born. I am hoping its that but doubt it, most ike is MSG

  • CiB

    But the Rock was booed pretty intensely in his debut, so that doesn’t sound like the right place.

  • Ronni

    stan sent the word that he had 24 minutes and 46 seconds of in-ring foreplay with his uncle

  • Bill

    I thought he meant Chicago. His first WM was in Chicago, & he once said on Raw that’s it’s where “Team Bring It was born”. I’m starting to anticipate Team Bring It, as the Rock says, to head over to MITB.

  • Kevin

    He is never leaving….Just showing up every 4 months till Wrestlemania!!! Then after WM about 7 more years…