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Update on The Rock’s Return to WWE TV

– The Rock says he will be back to WWE in early 2013 after filming some movies. He wrote on Twitter:

“They asked I come back start of 2013. Have 3 films to shoot so trying to make it work. Miss that electricity though man.”

  • BigSexy

    anyone else read that “THEY ASKED ME TO COME BACK IN 2013” maybe its on the WWE’for the wait instead of Dwayne Johnson

  • UTA316

    @ Sam i ment on personal apps as i know as much as i would to see him whoop ass one more time. Austin will never step in the ring again.

  • Doin’ fine

    Sigh too many trolls these days.

    point 1- 3 movies in 1 year, even if u enjoy acting its a shiteload of work- remembering the lines and delivry of 3 different characters, get ready for their promos & interviews, sleep,have some semblance of a social life and then provide 100% quality The Rock material afterwards keylo ur either really selfish or insane

    point 2- yofits he clarified on Raw that he wasn’t going to be on WWE everyday but make more appearances than previously and also stated u must be a complete dumbass if u really expected him to. At least watch the WWe b4 you start trolling it

    point 3- it will take WWE creative along time to prepare Rock’s lines as he won’t settle for some tranvestite Santino or farting Natalya bs

    point 4- ah the ol favourite Mr JC33 do you really think Cena would still be around as much if he had any success with his movies?
    To quote the great one and speaking for most of the fans here
    “It doesn’t matter what you think”

  • The fucking man

    fuck the rock, pussy as sell out bitch

  • My Morning Jacket

    I don’t think anyone wants to spend the rest of their days bumping, running, punching, kicking etc. What’s wrong with trying to find another way to make a living? The main reason why older wrestlers are still in the business is because they have a financial situation, i.e. Ric Flair. I know some of them have money saved and are doing great and there’s nothing wrong with making a surprise appearance once in awhile. Rock sold out? Ha, funny.

  • JohnCena33

    THEY ARE ALL SELLOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin same

    @johncena33 Walmart has rock toys.

  • Nicholas

    Man IWC shut the hell up you don’t know the meaning of the word sell out. You get all bend out of shape when the Rock show up then when he leaves it more crying. Now you are comparing Stone Cold not being a sell out to the Rock. Look both guys where one of the best but both guys time are up let them enjoy there life after wrestling. It is all because the Rock has a life and you haters don’t.

  • wildeye

    Have any of you who put these people down ever wrestled. What does it take to make you people happy? I hate all this selfishness cause these guys all put their lives on the line to make you happy. Look at HBK he has been beaten and battered for so many years for you freaks and now if you look at his eyes he almost looks lost. Austin had a broken neck, bad knees and still wrestled till he couldnt take the pain anymore. So all you that say people are sell outs cause they either retire or move to other things are selfish and it sounds like you want them to either cripple themselves or die in the ring to make you happy.

  • JohnCena33

    Why doesn’t Toysrus have any Rock toys?

  • yofits

    LOL “fatal”!

    But still, Rock Austin & HBK sold out on their fans by leaving when they can still wrestle, unlike Edge.

  • Killa18

    Smh at “fatal” injuries but he’s still living lol

  • Rucdogg

    So Rock is blamed for getting out of the business before he gets a “fatal” injury? Or better yet should he come back until he’s forced to leave like Edge? Get outta here.

  • Dave

    @Sam its amazing the condition Austin is in considering all the ” fatal injuries” he has been through lmao.

  • keylo

    Miss that electricity though man.”

    You couldn’t be missing it that much as if you cant spare a few hrs even once or twice over the next 7 months Dwayne.

  • sam


    when you say
    “we have seen more of the Great One than the TEXAS RATTLESNAKE it makes you wonder.”

    are you judging that on appearances or wrestling matches, austin could wrestle again but hes suffered more fatal injuries then what the rock has thus the reason hes not wrestled. due to the fact he could become paralyzed. austin has done more appearances then the rock though

  • UTA316

    To all the haters of Dwayne Johnson lets face facts he is now 40 years old and is one of the best action stars hollywood has at the moment which is not many, we as wrestling fans from time to time expect these athelets to not have lives of there own. The Rock gave us some the best matches the WWE ever had why can’t we enjoy it when he comes back and does what he does best and that lay the smacketh down, and why does everyone seem to hate the rock so much when we have seen more of the Great One than the TEXAS RATTLESNAKE it makes you wonder.

  • Tommy

    He’s making movies and coming back. It’s not like he’s doing nothing and not coming back. We would all do the same thing.

    He loves making movies, love wrestling. 1+1=2

  • Gregosaurus

    That’s the rock being number 30 in the rumble and winning the wwe title at mania

  • yofits


    “I am never ever going away …”
    next weeks, he leaves.


  • Tyler(:

    Incoming Hate Barrage!