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Update on the Royal Rumble Winner, Backstage News on the WWE Network

– The WWE Network delay has been confirmed as several key people involved were told this past week. Nobody knows the new launch date yet but people were told to get rid of all April 1st mentioned. Word going around at RAW was that it will launch this Fall.

Vince McMahon is looking to get more Legends involved with the Network and has reportedly reached out to people who in the past he wouldn’t have.

A reality show, presumably Legends House, will begin filming soon and will go for 21 weeks, including post-production. The house will be in the Palm Springs area and 10 episodes will be shot.

– After discussing Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble, WWE creative talked about having someone else win it this week. Chris Jericho is in the running to win the Rumble main event since he’s likely going to be challenging CM Punk for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 28.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • KpNuttzLol

    My pick is Barrett. He’s pretty fresh and in dire need of a push. Jericho is talented and deserving but based on ability both in the ring and on the mic, he has a better chance of creating a strong feud rather than taking the fast ticket from the Rumble.

  • The Continental

    Lesnar ftw. That would be spectacular

  • CM Mark

    Jericho needs to win the rumble to face Punk for the WWE title. I agree that Sheamus is awesome and he needs a real push soon.

  • OD2

    How About Kane Winning The 2012 Royal Rumble ? Maybe He Will Break Is Own Record By Eliminate More Than 11 People In 2001, He Deserve To Win After Participate From 1999-2011.

  • JIR

    Its a long shot but Taker returns in the Rumble match as a surprise and wins to challenge Bryan again its a long shot a chocolate cheesecake in front of 2 fat chicks has a better chance of surviving than this match happening

  • Flash86

    What about Y2J winning the Rumble and going on to face Bryan @ WM28, Everyone will think that he would face Punk but then he picks Bryon.especially with Y2J beening Bryons Pro in NXT, Y2J can go on about saying that you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t me & so on.

  • Nicholas

    Now just like Venom I am picking a fresh young guy to win the Rumble. Where we disagree is the pick. My pick is Wade Barrett. Then going on to WM 28 winning the World title. WWe needs a fresh heel as champion to me Wade is that guy.

  • Uncle Elmer

    I am going with either Jericho or Miz to win the Rumble. I think either one could have a good feud with CM Punk. It will be one of those two vs. Punk at Mania.

    I don’t know who they are going to put against Bryan. I would say Orton, that is assuming Bryan turns heel. Otherwise, Bryan v. Christian could be good, or even Bryan v. Regal (wishful thinking).

  • venom

    Sheamus is going to win the rumble. Sheamus is one of the best faces right now. Sheamus is feuding with Mahal right now to make you think he’s going back to midcard status. You heard it here first. As Saturn says, “you’re welcome.”

  • quote me

    It will be Jericho.. then Stephanie who will be revealed as the voice behind jerichos return videos..will work with Jericho and hhh and laurinitus to rid the WWE of cm punk ala punk vs corporation..

  • Sean Mooney

    I like Jericho to win the Rumble, and I don’t think he will say a word until after he wins. I think next week he is going to starting trashing everything in anger, without saying a word.

  • i want christian to win

  • Lynx

    Orton winning the Rumble would be boring as hell. Been there, done that. Since they’re already discussing Punk vs. Jericho, it makes sense for Y2J to win it. Plus, like MaNic said, he’s never won it before.

  • arrrrr truth

    they also wrestled a year after that when Punk had his first title run and Jericho won when Garrison Cade interfered. Solid match. Mania will be even better. Never judge anything you get on free t.v.

  • JD

    I’d like to see someone other than a current main eventer win. Maybe Wade Barrett or Dolph Ziggler.

  • blue4everd

    @kitkrock So?! That was 2008..THIS IS 2012!!!!!!!

  • kitkrock

    We have already seen Jericho vs Punk and it SUCKED!
    KOTR 2008 semi finals, anyone?

  • Ron

    jericho to become second undisputed champion.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Jericho winning is my pick. And what I hope for. Orton’s boring and sickening and Jericho’s done it all except win a Rumble and Punk vs. Jericho for the WWE title is a match I really want to see.