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Update on Sabu, Justin Credible Kicked Off the Extreme Reunion Event Last Night

– Justin Credible was removed from last night’s Extreme Reunion event in Philadelphia because of concern about his condition backstage. Credible was found earlier in the evening “slumped over, passed out asleep” in a chair. Credible was removed from the show and asked to leave the building. He returned later to beg the promoters to be put back on the show but they turned him down.

– In an update on Sabu, sources close to him are claiming that he had an allergic reaction to medication, as TMZ reported last night. Sabu did not appear at the Extreme Reunion fanfest on Saturday afternoon and when Reunion officials asked that he be checked on, he was unresponsive. Shane Douglas and other officials were arriving at Sabu’s hotel as EMT’s were taking him out to the hospital.

Sabu’s official Facebook fan page posted last night that the death rumors are untrue, Sabu is alive and well but still in an Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Gorilla

    Its just a bunch of violent crap promoted by the the franchise of crap Douglas

  • Jon-Jon

    This is just upsetting. This entire show tarnishes the legacy of ECW.

  • Lord Barvis

    Can being in the ICU really be classified as alive and “well?”

  • SYM

    And They want to do a Wrestling Promotion after this Reunion Show? They should just all Sign a WWE Legends Deal and Call it a Day. As For Justin Credible…….Albert & X-Pac are with WWE so maybe we can get a X Factor Reunion O_O

  • Eve’s left nipple

    What a disaster of a show…